Sex in a bottle!

Pheromone for the manner

Of course we have accessed the same. And of course, we will therefore describe the consequences of our self-experiment at this point at this point. But still the discreetly sent packing is not there, the content of which promises the manners among us true wonderful things: power, wealth and sex to fall. In short: the plump life and for himself.

The tip, which brought us on this miraculous elixir, went into a completely different direction. On the page of, wrote us the music journalist Tom Ruthemann, you can calibrate hubble felled uni-certificates for little money order. – That’s true, but why do we use such a noble designed fake document? The various false school and student passes offered there also did not interest us in the face of our age, just as little as the incurred quite inexpensive "Micro bugs", So dependent.

But then we discovered the button on the left softly the web side "Sex in A Bottle!" and clicked on it immediately. There are also touted there from the magazine "star" discovered "Androstenone Pheromone". What the "star" has not made more interesting, but determines the in-house journalists, which warranted with this synthetically generated sexual costume for weeks already the hamburger nightlife obedited.

Who lubricates this pheromone as a shaving water around the nose, will hardly recognize and his life afterwards, at least promise the operators of this mesh side in a fun scene catalog, title "Why Do You Need ‘Ex In A Bottle’ Androstenone". Alone the first two bases will be able to convince every man immediately and let it grab the wallet:

1. Beautiful, And Previously Unapproachable Girls, Will Now Make Eye Contact, Smile at You, Initiate Conversations, And Will Start Feeling Horny Towards You. The Amazing Thing Is That They Wont Realise That The Reason They Find You So Sexy Is Your Aftershave!

2. Are you pissed when a girls says "Lets Just Be Friends"? With A Little Androstenone Pheromone Thesis Girls Will Often Want More Than Just Friendship. With Luck, You Will Be Ploughing Their Love Groove in No Time!

Yes, there are mano traumes perceived, and the conveyed now also German network pages, for example www.Pheromones There are a series of test results present, which clearly prove that as a man at this wonderless, simply no longer comes by, especially when you are mobel seller

"Sellers have found that Androstenol is an advantage when dealing with female customers. (…) Pheromone influenced in a simple way where men and women sit down. Women feel attracted by stuffling, which are sacrificed with it, and manners tend to avoid them. Mobel companies should have used it in their exhibition space to draw attention to a still-selling seating group."

And who is a shophuter as a man, then finally sits with this fabric again in the first row. Quote: "Manner bother to win additional respect and to act dominant or depleting."

But also companies that have universal customers should use the magic water:

"The use of Androstenone in debt entry by means of a sprayer Mahnbriefe was even patented. Mad letters have a threatening effect from being. Suggested cover letter were paid oler and a little faster."

And we’re waiting to be restless on the postman daytime, who hopefully ordered us soon that "Contact 18: Concentrated, odorless perfume for manner who want to conquer women. 15 ml (about 300 tr. / Applications)" supplies. Then it goes immediately on the slopes. However, if we still find time or even the power to report here on our experiences, remains to be seen for the time being. But we stay – promised promised – definitely on the ball…

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