Service uberx starts in berlin

The driving service facilitator Uber builds its offer in Berlin with the chauffeur service Uberx. The passenger of professional drivers are required in car rental. The price is to be around a fiveft lower than the taxi.

Over, the service with coarse middle-class partners from the taxi industry together, said Germany Chief Christian Freese of the German Press Agency on Friday. "These taxi companies want to build another pillar with Uber X."Mid-range models like Volkswagen Passat or Toyota Prius were used as vehicles.

There is no information on how many cars will be available at Uberx to start in Berlin. It will be a surbaceable number, said Freese merely. So far, you could only order a taxi in Berlin in the Uber app. In the capital, more than 1000 taxis on the platform were, Freese said. With the taxi companies, a driver can be on the road both in the taxi and with Uberx – but he has to change the car.

Uber prestige in Germany and Europe first with the service Uberpop, in which private individuals are required in their own car. After several court judgments, the service was largely abandoned throughout Europe, in Germany is only active in Berlin and Munchen. In the Bavarian state capital there were Uberx already. When implementing Uberx in Berlin you have kept on local rules, stressed Freese. The service is asked among others by tourists who came to Berlin.

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