Send or not to cosmogram?

Send or not to cosmogram?

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The legendary Arecibo embassy even stages SETI researchers as dangerous and "far-reaching" One – Part 2

Should the Homo Sapiens send messages? How high is the risk that we betrayed hostile-minded civilizations via cosmogram the position of the earth and reveal information from us to use aggressive aliens and could misunderstand as an invitation? In 1974, the first and so far strongest radio signal was pulsed with a ciphered message into space. Today, scientists call the three-minute broadcast as Naiv and dangerous. The San-Marino scale reflects their worries. The signal will never often achieve its original target area.

Part 1: Dispute on this-year-old triple-a conference held in San Jose

Data Mull since 1896

Everything started with the discovery of radio waves and invention of the radios. As the Russian physicist Alexander Stepanovich Popow (1859-1906) in 1896 in the presence of some scientists for the first time a cordless signal over a distance of 250 meters from point A to B sent, at the same time wandered for the first time in the human history of artically generated radio waves into space. So weak this signal was – advanced Auberristrical technologies have already seen such a highly sensitive detectors have already caught. This is especially true for those cultures that live in a radius of up to 119 light years from Earth. There are more than 1000 stars in this zone.

Of course, the now in the form of television, radio and radar waves has not been a rosy profile and psychogram of our species for decades in the form of television, radio and radar waves for decades in the form of television and radar waves. The electromagnetic business card sent by us will not miss its deterrent effect on high-granddied groundy civilian cultures. Above all, Sophist and Ethical-Moral Principles inspired Auberristrical Companies – it may give them here and there in the universe – will classify our radio message.

The high-energy ARECIBO beam was fulfilled compactly that its diameter shrank on only two arc minutes. If someone had steered the pulse, for example, to the moon, he had lit only the flat one of the coarse crater. Image: Courtesy of the Naic – Arecibo Observatory, A Facility of the NSF

First earthly interstellar bottle mail

But in addition to the secondary to the all-drifting radio waste, which leaves the earth with the speed of light, scientists, television channels and also some amateur researchers in the past have already pulsed some messages purposefully in all. As part of various ActivSeti actions, including Meti (Messaging to Extra Terrestrial Intelligence), Earths sent some cosmograms to remote worlds.

The most well-known among them is the legendary, in the Seti community often scolded ARECIBO embassy. She symbolizes the first attempt of people to dismiss a captured bottle mail for aiberish to the wave arms of the Cosmic Ocean. Until today has no strong, with an interstellar Embassy radio signal, has ever left the Earth.

The ARECIBO adventure had started in 1971, when the world-growing partially movable, in diameter 304.8 meters rough Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico (USA) had to be subjected to a three-year repair. After the modification and the surrounding of the system, the engineers and technicians were able to engraving the reception area of the ARECIBO antenna by a factor of ten. For the astronomy this had sustainable effects. If the telescope previously only a range of 6000 light years, the astronomers at once in the area of the radio spectrum (almost) the whole dairy strain as a wide range of communications landscape.

Send or not to cosmogram?

Arecibo from the orbit. Recording from 1300 kilometers high. The Arecibo Observatory is the second degree radius of radiuses in the world. The flat of the reflector lets 73.000 square meter. Image: nasa

In view of the backward perspectives and amazing the reunification of the observatory, the SETI pioneer Frank Drake planned a party in his function as director of the State Astronomy and Ion Spharen Center (Naic), where the giant antenna should spark a radio message in all. "It was just a symbolic event where we wanted to show that we can implement it", Donald Campbell remembers Cornell University, who was at the Arecibo Observatory as a scientific staff.

Ciphered pictogram

Drake did not stay much time to put his plan into action. Therefore, he created a quick one pictogram embassy, which was composed of a total of 1679 characters, which in turn distributed themselves on 73 rows of 23 characters each. Today these legendary pictorial signs have cult status in the seti-fan base. The most famous and most easily accessible motive is the human-like, sexless gorillaahn figure. Underneath symbolizes a radio telescope, more precisely the Arecibo shot, the sender of the radio signal.

Send or not to cosmogram?

At the top of the graphic, the numbers are listed one to ten in the dual system. Directly below it formed a sequence of numbers. They symbolizes the most important chemical elements for the training of biological life: hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorus. In addition to other information such as the population number of the earth in 1974, there are hints on the "nine " Planets, the double helix and DNA molecules. Image: nrao / cornell / drake

In order for the word and pixel laumes listed in the diagram to be readable and lackable for the unknown addressee, Drake served the universal language of mathematics. In fact, Drake used some elements of the 14 years ago developed exolinguistic art language Lincos, which described the Dutch mathematician Hans Freudenthal (1905-1990) for the first time in 1960. Whose art language Lincos (Latin: Lingua Cosmica) is based on mathematical statements and logical symbols to follow themselves exploring simple examples, to the more complex codes.

Send or not to cosmogram?

Most large bullets were not available for ActiveSeti – even the 64-meter park telescope in Australia (see picture). Image: Csiro / John Sarkissian

When Drakes pictogram was sent and the last work on the renovated and modernized reflector shots were finished, started on 16. November 1974 The party. Shortly after the beginning of the celebrations toned a loud siren. It initiated the beginning of the transmission. With a transmission power of half a million watts, which concentrated in a beam with an effective performance of about 20 trillion watts, the giant antenna did their work. 169-second message adopted with a transmission rate of 10 bits per second from the reflector Arecibo. On a fundamental frequency of 2,388 Gigahertz (GHz), the lighting and compact radio signal went to the journey to the target area: 25.000 light years away and out of 300.000 Stars existing globular cluster M13 (the constellation Hercules).

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