Seat strike

Seat strike

Munchen, 23. October 2014 – Seats under 70 euros are characterized mainly by lack of crash safety, but also due to high pollution burden and due to lack of operating instructions. The German Automobile Club ADAC and the Warentest Foundation have found it based on samples.

Ten different child seats came from all weight classes in the criteria of safety, operation and ergonomics, pollutant content as well as cleaning and processing. The frontcrash was simulated with 64 km / h, the side impact with 50 km / h. In 2005, the club had recently reviewed child seats. Six of the ten considered products receive the ADAC judgment "inadequate". In three seats, the backrests tore in the crash test, the straps broke out of the holder or the pollutant load was very high. In general, the pollutants were high than in the tests of previous years. The baby shell Nania Beone Sp is the only one with the overall grade "Well" Reviewed product in the test. It is very easy and your crash values are convincing.

60 percent "inadequate", only one "Well"

It looks different in the other weight classes: At the seat Nania Safety Paris SP for children up to 18 kilograms, the seat shell broke the head of the frontal impact – the child was thrown into the accident in the accident. For children from 9 to 36 kilograms there are two products with the note "satisfactory": The Nania Racer SP and the Fisher Price FP3000 are still recommended. "Inadequate" In this class, the TIGGO Bebehut and the United Kids Alpha Deluxe, which result in a high risk of injury to the front and side crash. It is also disturbing that this seat was sold as of the name IWH Trade Max Vario Max and already with the child seat test in 2008 "inadequate" failed. He was then renamed afterwards without being technically changed.

Pollutants and descriptive deficiency

In the class for children from 15 to 36 kilograms, with the Fisher Price FP4000, there is a satisfactory seat as well as with the Nania Starter SP, which is due to high pollution "inadequate" failed. It has also shown that the descriptions on the Internet are often inaccurately inaccurate: in some sitting, which are used for several years, for example, integrated children the smucked materials must be removed – the little passengers are no longer sufficiently protected with the side impact.

Even in children’s seats that correspond to the legally prescribed Zulang ECE-R44, it is not necessarily a safe sitting of the small guaranteed. The reason: The page crash is not part of the allocation procedure. The ADAC advice for caution when sitting in the lower price segment offered without advice on the Internet. Parents should attract consumer protection tests to find cheap and at the same time secure models. Often a process model of high-quality products is a priced and good alternative.

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