Sales ban for vw models in sudkorea

In the course of the investigations on exhaust fraud at Volkswagen, Sudkorea has stopped the sale of 80 models of the automaker. With the expected sales ban, the Ministry of the Environment responded on Tuesday to irregularities found in documents on emission levels and figures. The car maker is accused of having spared documents so as to get the in the future for import cars.

The plenty of 83.000 Cars of the Brands VW, Audi and Bentley had been accumulated, shared the Ministry. The manufacturer must pay 17.8 billion won (14.3 million euros) penalty.

The company will draw all the "available maws" against the sales stop in consideration, said a spokeswoman of Audi Volkswagen Korea in Seoul. Also obvious legal steps. These are affected by the current sales stop 80 models under 32 different homologation documents. "That’s one of the strictest sanctions that they could behave against us."The investigations of the prosecutor’s office are still in progress. Homologation refers to the allocation.

Volkswagen Seat the current situation very, strolled it. You will continue to cooperate with the Ministry of the Environment, "to raise the trust of dealers and consumers".

Volkswagen was the penalty of the agents before one and a half weeks ago and had voluntarily stopped the delivery of 79 models premierly. This wanted Volkswagen according to own information of "confusion in the market" ethere.

According to own exhaust gas tests for several models of the Brands VW and Audi, the resorts had arranged a jerkiness last November. Affected cars with diesel engines of the type EA 189, which were sold mainly between 2008 and 2015. However, the company is accused, so far only defective jerking tarpaulin for more than 125.000 diesel vehicles have submitted. Volkswagen had manipulated exhaust tests with more than eleven million vehicles worldwide.

In Sudkorea, foreign brands, especially German brands, had to expand their marketprail in recent years. Nevertheless, the country for the Volkswagen is a comparatively small market. In the first half of 2016, AUDI and VW in Sudkorea had a market share with more than 25,500 cars together with more than 25,500 cars, according to an industry association with more than 25,52 percent. Sales of both brands was significantly back at this time compared to the previous year.

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