Sailing with the family

Wolfsburg, 18. February 2015 [-] Volkswagen is at the Geneva Salon (5. to 15. Marz) introduce a technically upgraded Sharan. The manufacturer mainly brings the engine palette, the infotainment and the assistance systems up to date.

The technically improved edition, which appears for five years after the second generation, will probably only be recognized by experts immediately: The body choices are essentially restricting the LED jerk lights, new 16-inch rims and two new colors (red and red and Blue). The preserved properties such as different seat configurations and the possibility to sink the seats remain as well as the numerous options.

Now with sail mode

The Van preserves the current 1.4-liter gasoline engine with 150 or a two-liter engine with 220 hp, with the self-litters, there are 115, 150 and 184 hp versions of the two-liter diesel engine. Fine work on the aggregates should be the family transporter by up to 15 percent more economical. During Volkswagen equipped the most powerful self-cord with a six-stage double-clutch transmission, in the other motorizations, in the smallest diesel, a manual six-speed gear series and the dual-clutch transmission option. The 150 hp diesel is also relevant with the well-known lamella-four-wheel drive. A new function of the dual-clutch gear is the fuel-saving "sailing" By disengaging the motor during gas.

The second generation of the modular infotainment kit (MIB) now brings the Customer Cutting Screens in FUF or 6.5 inches and the Mirror-Link technology for controlling smartphones over the touchscreen. "Mirrorlink ™", "Carplay" (Apple) and "Android car" (Google) are on request for the first time.

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