Rwe and co. In the abyss

Once the horse-drawn carriers wanted to prevent the railroad and the car. The fight was in vain. Exactly so hopeless is the fight of the four energy-occupied RWE, E.On, Vattenfall and EnBW against the use of renewable energies

the "Coarse four" Experience the truth of the Gorbachevian realization that life is punished, which comes to Spat. The old energy dinosaurs, which are still like blind pyromones on combustion technologies rather than sun, wind, hydropower and earth warm, are trapped in yesterday. They must finally and primarily change if they want to play tomorrow.

At RWE and E.For example, this begins to record. In her desperation, they now want next to the previous "Eternity" even more high subsidies for their climate-staring old fossil power plants.

For decades, the coarse power plants threw up gross profits. Competition was as good as no. The four gross had divided the market among themselves. Renewable energies was a bit for spinner in their eyes.

But now RWE boss Peter Terium says itself: "We overslept the renewable too long. That’s why we go through a valley of the tranes."

His group had already had 6 since 2011.200 digits and must now again another 6.000 dismissed. The number of employees will be within three years of 73.000 to 61.000 sink.

The Green MP Oliver Krischer: "RWE mutates to the extinction of energy inner radiator." An similar workplace reduction is also experienced either.on.

Because of the persistent boom at the Okostrom, the fossil power plants must always be more frequent from the network. Your experiment is no longer sufficient to pay the high debt. The growing and always low-cheaper range of wind and solar power will continue to drop the electricity prices on the Leipziger Stromborse.

Sun and wind have no bill, even if this simple nature law was not taken seriously by the old energy dinos.

Further development is foreseeable: the old resources come to an end, therefore always more expensive and priceless, they burden the climate and have ever high follow-up costs, see the Taifun disaster in the Philippines or the Three "Century flood" in Germany within 11 years. The signs are more.

And now the emerging gross coalition in Berlin wants to take the old energy suppliers even more than before in detention for the decommissioning and disposal of the AKW. Either the "Four rough" as soon as possible in the production of technologies for renewable energies or they will soon disappear from the market.

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