Rusting despite pandemic

Rusting despite pandemic

F-18 fighting jet in front of a romantic backdrop. Photo: Ricardo Reyes / US Navy / CC0 1.0

Germany occupies the seventh place, the US first: Global militar expenses have reached a record value in 2020. With a "black-green" or "Grun black" Federal Government was allowed to continue this trend in this country

Multiple, UN General Secretar Antonio Gutres had called to a global ceasefire last year, so that the world community has concentrated on the Corona Pandemic’s Corona Pandemic. For the first time on 23. Marz 2020 and known with little success. The fees of the rust industry did not seem to have failed, because global rusts have achieved a new high stand. Worldwide, the states invested in 2020 a total of 1.$ 981 billion US dollars (around 1.644 billion euros) in their respective dispute as the Swedish Sipri Institute (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) announced on Monday. Compared to 2019, an increase of 2.6 percent was recorded. Thus, the expenses have grown the sixth year in a row.

Thus, the expenses grown the sixth year in a row – during the average gross domestic product fell by 4.4 percent mainly because of the pandemic. Leader were the US with $ 778 billion, which corresponds to 39 percent of worldwide rusts – followed by China, India, Russia and Great Britain. Together, these five countries came to 62 percent of global military investments. Germany occupied the seventh place behind Saudi Arabia. With $ 52.8 billion (around 44 billion euros), the Federal Republic thus gave 5.2 percent more for rusts than in the previous year.

On the same wavelength

Federal Minister of Defense Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) made its way at the beginning of this year that the priorities could shift: "If we talk about coarse rusting projects, we also talk about national industrial policy", said the CDU boss in January. "It makes no sense in my view that in the past year we tried to stabilize the economy in the past year, to stabilize the economy and now where the state is for example in the field of rusting self-client, thus contributing to the fact that workplaces are at risk."

The freshly harassed Chancellor candidate of the Grunen, Annalena Baerbock, is on this point on a wavelength with the defense minister: Both, given the Corona crisis, no longer wanted a rigid two percentage purpose, as the NATO member states had agreed in Wales in 2014 – because This could now be precisely modest, if the respective gross domestic product (GDP) is shrinking as a basis for calculation.

"We first have to talk about a strategic reorganization, then about the expenses. It also has to go to the skills of NATO and the concrete burden distribution. A theoretical two-percent target does not really help", Baerbock said in November. Kramp Karrenbauer had already explained in July, it is clear that the percentage of defense expenditure on GDP "In view of the coronabeding sinking GDP is not sufficient indicator".

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