Russians are corona mude and not yet pillowing

Russians are Corona mude and not yet pillowing

Image: Gamaleja center

The number of corona infected in Russia achieves new recordhohen. Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the second Russian anti-corona vaccine with the name Elivakcorona. The anti-corona vaccine "Sputnik V" Should stand out in early December for mass vaccination

On Wednesday, the Russian Prasident Vladimir Putin announced that the center for virology and biotechnology "vector" In Siberian Novosibirsk the second Russian anti-corona vaccine with the name "Elivakcorona" has registered. At the beginning of August, the Russian anti-corona vaccine was already "Sputnik V" registered. In addition, the Moscow Chumakov Research Institute is worked on a third Russian anti-corona vaccine.

The Russian Vice Minister Prospective Tatjana Golikowa explained that she has been vaccinating with Elivakcorona. Elivakcorona is sprayed twice at a distance of 14 days in a set of 0.5 milliliters in a muscle in the shoulder area. Golikowa said that it did not give any concomitants after the first one after the second vaccination.

According to Golikowa, the first 60 should.000 Vaccine batch of Elivakcorona "soon" be available. According to the Russian Ministry of Health, the Vaccine Elivakcorona should be available from the beginning of January to the general vaccine in high number. The vaccine Sputnik V is to be available at the beginning of December for mass vaccination. The Russian Health Minister Mikhail Muraschko explained in early October, the production of Sputnik V "in coarse mabboat" start. In the trade, however, Sputnik V does not exist yet.

Worldwide marketing

Western media criticized, the registration of the vaccine Sputnik V in Russia was overstreamed. Less than 80 people were vaccinated in the first test phase. The Russian authorities do not deny that the test phase was tured. That will be with "Danger in congestion" greeted.

That "Sputnik V" a purely case is unlikely. Too roughly the image loss given a roughly raised advertising campaign. Sputnik V is already marketed worldwide.

The Russian "Fund for strategic investments", is involved in the production and marketing of Sputnik V, explained at the third test phase, which began in early August, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and "A number of other countries" participate.

According to the Russian Fund, a billion batches have so far "Sputnik V" From a total of twenty countries ordered in Russia. Together with foreign partners, one is ready to deliver more than 500 million vaccine doses a year to Funf Lander. An increase in production is planned. Where the rough amount of vaccine doses is to be produced is not known yet.

Come back to the 1950s?

The political coarse weather situation is unfavorably for a worldwide, unhindered marketing of Sputnik V. But even at times of the Cold War showed that there are solutions. When it was the effective drug developed by the Soviet researcher Michail Tschumakov developed by the Soviet researcher and the US did not want to accept this vaccine from political reasons, the Immuno Inspired in Austria, the Soviet Patent and fit the Soviet vaccine to Western standards in Austria. at. So the Soviet vaccine came to the West.

The vaccine was then from the Soviet Union "Factist for free" Protected, with bitter undertone Aleksandr Ginsburg, head of the research group developed the vaccine Sputnik V, in an interview with the Rossiskaja Gaseta.

Decades of experience with vaccines

Sputnik V was developed by the Moscow Gamaleja center. With the development of the vaccine you did not have to start at zero. The Gamaleja Center had already developed vaccines against the Mers and Ebola virus. The experiences with these vaccines helped develop Sputnik V.

The new vaccine "Sputnik V" Works on the basis of adenovirus vectors. "Vectors are carrier that can deliver genetic material from another virus to a cell", If you read on the website of the Gamaleja Center. "The genetic material of the adenovirus, which causes the infection, is removed, while a gene is inserted with the code of a protein from another virus. This inserted element is safe for the body. It helps the immune system to react and produce anti-body who protect against the infection."

Russians are Corona mude and not yet pillowing

Alexandr Ginsburg – Head of the Sputnik V research group at the Moscow Gamaleja Institute. Screenshot: Rossija 24

The Gamaleja Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology was founded in 1891. The center resides in an old, two-step neoclassical style building in the northwest of Moscow. At the entrance of the Research Center, Steinrelief’s beard Russian scholar who has made significant in the field of epidemiology. You can see the portray of Nikolai Gamaleja (1859 to 1949), the land of Russian microbiology. And you can see the head of Jewgeni Pawlowski (1884 to 1965). He developed the teaching about the natural reservoirs of pathogens for people. As such, he identified wild rodents and birds. For his research, Pawlowski was awarded the British Darwin Wallace Medal in 1958.

Muscle pain and weak

Vladimir Putin, who has not yet vaccinated himself, reported from the vaccine of one of his two daughter at the beginning of August. After the first vaccination, the temperature of the daughter has risen to 38 degrees. The temperature is then at 37 degrees and finally fallen on the third day on the normal level. That there are concomitants after vaccination, the Russian Health Minister Michael Muraschko reported. He explained, with 14 percent of those who voluntarily vaccinate voluntarily gave it unpleasant companion, such as muscle pain, weak and increased temperature.

Sputnik V was first tested on mice, pigs and monkeys. Then the New York news agency Bloomberg reports without calling sources, have the Gamaleja Center "hundreds" Diseased members of the Russian Elite offered vaccination. The Russian Nesawisimaya Gaseta quoted this message.

Scattered criticism of Russian media to new vaccines

In Russian media and organizations in the Russian health sector there were critical questions about Sputnik V. the "Association of organizations for clinical research" Criticized the registration of the new vaccine in early August as "overriding" and asked in a letter to the Ministry of Health, not to release the new vaccine until the third clinical test phase is completed.

The Russian economic magazine Ekspert said the normal test time for new drugs is ten months, so be "unclear which result one can expect after half a year".

Vaccinate, yes or no?

Russian media report that people of hygiene statements are mude and protective measures such as masks and gloves are only ground or not worn no longer. The author of these lines also made such observations.

The willingness to an anti-corona vaccine is limited in Russian population. After a survey carried out in August of the opinion research institute WZIOM, 42 percent of respondents declared the question "We will vaccinate or not?", "Yes, probably". 52 percent answered: "No, we will not be vaccinated."

The government newspaper "Rossiskaja Gaseta" Respondent Aleksandr Ginsburg, the head of the working group that Sputnik V had developed. Ginsburg explained, he and his employees had already vaccinated. From the law, the vaccination is voluntary, but he will not allow that his employees infect in contact with the coronavirus. The reporter asked if the vaccine had a negative impact on the manual potency. The researcher answered with a tight "no".

In Russian media, it is reported that in a mass vaccination first teachers and doctors should be vaccinated. According to law vaccinations are voluntary. But it seems that you want to commit certain professions to vaccine.

New increase in the number of infected

The new vaccines just come at the right time. If one follows the official information, then Russia stands in front of a new challenge these days. After the number of newly infected people strongly backed up in the summer, new record numbers of Corona infected have been reported throughout October since the beginning of October. Last week, the number of infected ones was 31 percent higher than in previous week. On Tuesday we were in very Russia 13.868 newly infected reported. Since the beginning of the Corona crisis died in Russia after official information 22.966 people on the virus.

To brake a renewed increase in infection numbers, part of the staff works in Moscow – as in the early year – again from home. The Moscow burger master has arranged that in the schools only the schools of classes 1 to 5 are taught. The alter schools should be informed about the internet. People over 65 and people with chronic diseases are called to stay at home. A lockdown – as in the spring of the year – the Russian government wants to prevent it possible, but it does not want to prove this maaking.

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