Russia reports success against spohorshiperrorists in syria

Russia reports success against spohorshiperrorists in Syria

The alleged stout of the terrorists, which should have been destroyed. Image:

Allegedly, the terrorists and their stuffing point were destroyed in the province of Idlib. From there, a drone swarm should have attacked the air forces Hmeimim

The Russian Ministry of Defense ultimately made Americans responsible for attacks by Syrian terrorists with mindreds on Russian military facilities in Khmeimim and Tartus in Syria (who is behind the drone attacks on Russian militia?To). Overall, 13 drones had been attacked on 31. December two Russian soldiers were killed, in the night of 5. On the 6. January had attacked a drone swarm of the Russian Air Force Route Khmime. The drones had been loaded with 10 bombs with 400g PETN explosive. Terrorists had not made this without support of experts from technically advanced countries, so the Russian side.

Of course, the Russian Ministry of Defense explained a successful valuation. 7 drones were shot down by the Pantsyn S-Air Defense System, 6 have been brought by means of electronic war carrying to landing, 3 of which were destroyed because the explosive they transported, exploded. Whether that was caused by the Russians remains in secret.

Russia reports success against spohorshiperrorists in Syria

One of the supposedly caught drones. Image:

Now it is called, the Russian militar have the terrorist group that sent the drones, by the shelling with grenades. A Russian specialty unit, so the story, have identified the group, which should have had a starting point on the western border of the Province of Idlib. Who is it, the Ministry of Defense does not betray. You have destroyed the terrorists and their workshop as well as their camp at the moment with Krasnopol precision grenades when they wanted to climb a minibus. That’s in Muazzar, in a part of the de-escalation zone in the province of idlib, which is controlled by mated rebels. You can believe that or not.

The Russian Ministry of Defense warns that such attacks with small drones that are armed and preprogrammed flying to goals could also happen in any other country. In fact, it will be difficult to protect places that are attacked by drone swarms. If dozens or hundreds of drones attack, there can always be a penetration and damage. The Americans have not commented on Russian reproach so far.

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