Rocket test: us government warned iran

Rocket test: US government warned Iran

Press Conference of Security Advisor Flynn, Screenshot.

Tehran speaks of inexperience of the US government and wants to continue the tests that did not require permission from Aufen

That it was rumbling between Iran’s guided and the new US government was to be foreseen. Trump had talked in the election campaign and interviews before taking office of all the world that he has no relaxation policy with Iran. The nuclear agreement (JCPOA), which stands for a relaxation policy, repeatedly referred to as "bad deal". Also known was the focus of many key occupations in the new US government, which made no secret from their opposition to Obama’s Iran politics.

How to explain that Iran explains a ballistic rocket test in the first days of the new US government? Because the faction in the Tehraner flee, which is the closely linked to the militar, wanted to explore the limits of what the Mediterrantry is possible? Because now the zeitgeist is: Main thing to show military strong, especially in the showroom Middle East?

"Instead of being grateful…"

Thus, the Washington’s answer to the rocket test of the Sunday, the representative of the Iranian government first did not want to confirm what was then made on Wednesday but then not surprisingly out. But in it is a formulation that gives to the opposite to the opposite in Tehran and the Middle East experts.

"Instead of being grateful to the United States for the agreement, Iran meets now encouraged. Since today we have officially warned Iran", ends the statement of the woman’s house, which refers to the rocket test and on attacks of Yemeni Houthis, which were supported by Iran, "on Saudi Arab ships and those from the United Arab Emirates".

In Tweets, the US Prassident craved the official warning ("Iran Put on Notice"), Burrs against the intervention policy Iran in the case of Iraq and his ceterum CENSEO that the Iran atom decal is bad and Iran has secured economic survival.

Who wants to horen the tone in which the premieges are embedded, refer to a video that is visible at Fox. Trump’s National Security Consultant Michael Flynn Sales the Official Statement of the Government Extra and Striking. What Flynn thinks about Iran had explained unmistly in an interview with Al-Jazeera early 2016:

I was able to leave me all day about Iran and her behavior, you know, and about your lugs, very obvious lugs and your spit on continuing hatred, whenever you speak.

Michael Flynn

In short: Flynn throws Iran or. Iranian leads list and Tucke and a substantial bad behavior, the continuing non-detention of rules. He probably also retained this conviction as a national security advisor and, so the impression that he is not alone in the new government.

Consequences of the exhortation?

Experts are rattling now about what "Put on Notice" now politically mean what concrete consequences of the exhortation should follow Iran. Is that just a sharp word that sets limits; A test, as Iran reacts to verbal civilization or a serious threat that the government of Trump could also switch to the next level? "All options are on the table", it also meets in the new US government.

From Tehran come two exercises. The news agency Reuters Alrobed Fruh, after the first US race against the rocket test, exercises of Aufeister Zarif. First, the rockets were not part of the atomic agreement, secondly, Iran was never using rakets produced there to attack another country, and thirdly produce no Iranian missiles that wear nuclear crogks.

Father, when the test was officially admitted, aberte Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan, that he was scheduled by PLANGEMAB and no interference in defense matters. The adviser of the Supreme Fuhrer Ayatollah Khameni, Ali Akbar Velayati, also credited that the test is in agreement with the nuclear agreement and sent a few peaks to Washington:

It is not the first time that an inexperienced person has threatened Iran. Iran is the strongest power in the region and has a gross political, economic and political power. (…) America should be careful with empty threats that are directed to Iran. (…) We will continue with the tests of ballistic skills without asking permission.

Ali Akbar Velayati

"Iran violated the spirit of the atom deal"

According to day-show information, which is committed to the US channel Fox, a Sunday was one "Ballistic rocket of type Chorramschahr" tested, which was started by a well-known test six of 225 kilometers east of Tehran and exploded after nearly 1000 kilometers when re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

After catching connoisseurs of matter, the authors Kelsey Davenport and Daryl Kimball from the Arms Control Association, Iran claws not against specifications of the nuclear, but very well against the spirit of the Agreement. The country is thus in the Clinch with limit specifications of the UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

Davenport and Kimball advise the Security Council to review the matter and US guides, Iran about other agreements – Z.B. The Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) and the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) limits to pay limits, if necessary with sanctions.

An explanation for the weapon demonstration Iran is that since the publicity of Trumps has become a coarse support of the USA for Israel and it looks like this as if Trump wants to continue the special US Saudi Arab partnership unbroken. The long way of de-scaling on the agreement is given the crisis, war, combat and power-show-emphasized reality in the Middle East, which is currently the farthest.

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