Reports: chipdesigner arm stands before supposition by nvidia

Reports: Chipdesigner Arm stands before supposition by Nvidia

One of the most important companies for the smartphone industry, the chip designer arm, stands according to media reports before the use of the graphics card specialist NVIDIA. The purchase price should lie over $ 40 billion, which will be announced Deal Konne in the coming days, reported Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the Financial Times on the weekend. The current owners, the Japanese technology group Softbank, had paid 32 billion dollars for the British company four years ago.

Arm processors

From arm comes the basic architecture of chips that are used in virtually all smartphones and the far most tablet computers. Based on the ARM designs, Apple and Samsung develop the processors for their smartphones. Also, the chip group Qualcomm, whose processors are stuck in many Android telephones, accesses it.

Nvidia was roughly coarse with graphics cards for PCs – a few years ago, it turned out that the company’s technology can be used very well for machinery and artificial intelligence. This brought a new boost to the Nvidia business. The company now also develops computers for driving assistance systems in the car and autonomous driving.

Apple Silicon

At the beginning of September, Nvidia presented the first new graphics cards of the ampere generation, including the top model GeForce RTX 3090. The market import of the smaller GeForce RTX 3080 should already be on the 17th. September made. In addition to more power, the ampere generation also brings with its high power consumption.

Apple wants to admit in the future next to his smartphones also his Mac computers with arm processors. In July, Apple announced the change from the currently used Intel- on ARM processors on his developer conference WWDC. The first Mac with "Apple Silicon" named arm processor should appear this year. Next Tuesday, Apple has an important keynote under the motto "The time is running" away. Traditionally, the new iPhones are presented in September, but in advance of the presentation, however, there are plenty of speculation.

Mac I – The Apple Podcast

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