Rape in bavaria: herrmann has to “shock” strike

Rape in Bavaria: Herrmann has to'schockzahlen' zurechtrucken

Bavarian police car in use. Photo: Indedous / WikiMedia Commons / Use approved

Media speak of an election campaign. A week ago, the Bavarian Minister of Home Secretary had discussions about "Imported crimetat" fueled

Bavarian Minister Hermann sent a good week ago "Shock" in the message cycle. The number of rape in Bavaria has increased slightly in the first half of 2017 in the previous year in the previous year, the Minister of Interior from Police Statistics in front of the Landtag Cabinet.

She quickly got into the media. Almost 50 percent more rape and, above all, that the "Number of actions associated with immigrants, even 91 percent rose", That was a campaign relevant topic (cf. Bavarian police statistics: Rise of rape).


Although it has already been found in reports and partly in the subjects that the reason for the increase was still unclear – the Minister of the Interior was cited with the statement, after which the police experts were still working on a detailed analysis – but the view took himself In view of the opposite disputes over "Imported crimetat" Especially in the increasing numbers of the suspicious immigrants.

In addition, at that time, a rape case in the nearby Rosenheim, where a rejected asylum seeker was taken as a tactical in U-adhesive, caused the topic at Merkel’s campaign appearance in Rosenheim. That Herrmann had also mentioned that the major majority of German can be conceivable, was Ubergang (or. was taken out of forests as an opportunity to critically question the statistics, whether they are not manipulative and about recognized asylum seekers to the German expectations).

Also made by a non-heated, correct climate against immigrants, not exactly CSU-friendly SZ came, as the other media also not helped to report that the increase in the acts associated with immigrants in the statistics, "especially noticable" may be. An increase in the same period of the same period of the previous year of 91 percent in this group and on 126 actions could not be presented.

"Hermann has tured"

Yesterday afternoon, however, the newspaper was able to look at some. She did that right in the bias to the article: There it says for Herrmann "graft", By talking about 685 rape rape, without referring to that there was a legal shelving (new § 177 StGB). Now also sexual notifications and sexual surprises on the offense.

On the other hand, it is examined that the number of "Case-like rape" rose from 68 to 71. This makes the headline from the "50% increase in rape rape" clearly relativized. Because now this area is an increase of not even 5 percent. The other concrete number is less sensational than the shock number headlines: "For suspicious immigrants, the number of nine grew to 17".

The exact numbers, which the Ministry of the Interior now announced, are so:

"Compared to the first half of 2016, these (surgical rape rape by single dates,. D.A.) in Bavaria a total of 68 to 71 offenses slightly (+4.4 percent). During the first half of 2017 in the suspicious German and suspicious non-Germans without immigrants, a slight racy was recorded (German TV of 25 on 20 trap, non-German TV without immigrants of eleven on eight trap), on the other hand, the number of suspicious immigrants rose from nine to 17 trap."

Wrong clocking of Seehofer

In the report of the SZ is of one "Missed election campaign manob", from a press conference that the numbers had to correct as "Limitation", from one "Breakdown" and "craftsmanship" the speech. Benefits for the CSU is not recognizable, so the conclusion. Seehofer "overtake" want, guesses of party circles are quoted.

That the appearance of Hermann lost in the last week, as it turns out, is also the tenor of the reports on Mercury.de to be read, a medium that is customary friendly with the CSU as the SZ.

Also there is assigned to the CSU party root responsibility for the breakdown. "Seehofer itself should have insisted on this development (increase in the increase in the changes in the changes in the figures of the other immigrant immigrants. D.A.) immediately to address it offensively, not to play the AFD or others in the hands", is reported and that he was a week later the Minister Herrmann and Buildingback (Justice) to a renewed press conference.

There was then trapped that the fact of rape by the compilation of criminal law also contains severe sexual rehabilitation: "From this, ‘forcible’ increases in the detected offenses." But other factors had an influence, reports the Mercury of the press conference, "For example, an increased sense of sensitivity in the public, which bring about an increased advertising factory".

The campaign manove was gone backwards, then the conclusion also of Mercury: "With the well-intelligated attempt to brake the AFD, the AfD was still played in the hands."

Meanwhile, there is a new rape case in the area of Munchens with Afghan actual supporters who provided the next shock.

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