Proposal rejected: standard truck with 44 tons

Proposal rejected: standard truck with 44 tons

When trucks are on German trenches, they can not be heavier than 40 tons. Certain trucks weigh up to 44 tons. Economic associations wanted to make the maximum weight of 44 tons as standard, but they have failed. This is not considered "due to the unburnal burden on the strain infrastructure", the Federal Ministry of Transport shared on request of dpa with. It’s about trucks whose good is completely transported on straws and not for a part of the transport on the rail or the water.

Previously, 13 verbands, including the Economic Association of Steel, the Association of Chemical Industry and the Mineral Solidary Association, requires, trucks generally loaded up to a total weight of 44 tonnes loaded. Attractively their own weight, the charge highest weight is approximately 26 tons. Overall, there had been left a few transporters and several million truck rides can be saved or clarified the association. As a result, the total fuel consumption and thus the CO2 outstall sink, they argue. "The transport sector has thus made a significant contribution to achieving the climate goals."Many companies have long been complaining that too little cargo hold is on the market to transport all their good fast.

The increase to 44 tons of goods from the point of view of the association a good step to decipher this problem. Incidentally, the freight forwarders with more cargo per truck were also suffering another concern: the industry has massive difficulties to occupy free places. The job is considered exhausting and badly paid. But the entrepreneurs can not simply create incentives with higher worthwhile, because the competition from the neighboring countries sets this market with low prices under prere.

There are currently two different maximum weights for trucks. With classic duvet transports you can be 40 tons hard. In the so-called combined traffic, however, the highest weight increases to 44 tons. This refers to the good thing to be transported on a part of the route on ships or towards that they are reloaded on trucks or come from trucks. With this high maximum maximum weight, the combined traffic should be required – more well should come on the rail or the water. But exactly this advantage would be made from the point of view of the Ministry, one was only a general total weight imported. "This was the (…) Incentive for the use of climate-friendly skiing and inland waterway transports, "it is called in the answer of the Federal Ministry of Transport, among other things as a fundamental.

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