Price gain

Munchen, 15. April 2015 – as Yamaha in 1998 the two-wheeled world presented the first YZF-R1, the professionals tipped ranks from the slippers – 150 hp at 177 kilograms, which kept the Obergurus of the scene for normal drivers almost for universal. In fact, the first edition was anything but a willing cat and earned the attribute "Manner Motorcycle" with Fug and right, which only increased the cult around the R1. Since then, the R1 has been further developed, but last due to the two-wheeler crisis, however, only in trippel steps.

For 2015, the brand picks up with the tuning fork emblem for the rough beat: At the new R1 everything is different, only the name remains. The development was uncompromisingly on the racing technology of the MotoGP bike YZR-M1, so this R1 is clearly a motorcycle for the racetrack: Already the view of the data blasts with eck data of 200 hp at 199 kg and a short wheelbase of 1405 MM guzzlement with which potential the R1 is on the road.

Radical look

Therefore, something surprises the place for the first contact: The tricky racetrack of Eastern Creek at Sydney leaves upstream uphill and downhill, offers a map-related curve sector and only a long straight, where Speedbikes can play their engine performance. When warming in the pit lane, the lined bikes underline with their radical look the other than backing ambitions: At first glance, the new R1 seems to be a pure racer. The two small LED headlights on the edge attends the viewer hardly true. Where these usually sit, narrow LED position lights like a lidline. This construction not only saves a lot of weight, but is also well thought out: For the circular operation, this unit as well as the mirrors including integrated turn signals, the license plate carrier with turn signals and the society casks dismantle in no time. For this radical purpose, the developers and MotoGP test drivers also caught the ergonomics: The driver can taste the knees close to the tank and duck behind the high slice, the flat seat offers abundant freedom of movement to gymnastics, the ergonomics falls out super-sporty closely.

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