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Some sources of information for the Middle East Conflict on the Internet

Since the 29. September will take place in the West Bank, in the Gaza Strip and in the majority of Arabs inhabited parts of Israel’s fierce conflicts. They had been involved, after the Israeli lawyer and ex-defense Minister Ariel Scharon visited with a demonstrative act the Muslim Temple Mount with the Al Aksa Mosque in the Israeli and annexed East Jerusalem, to emphasize that Jerusalem Israel "Only, indivisible and eternal capital" may be. Since then, Islamic demonstrations from Pakistan to Morocco take place.

Almost 100 people were shot dead, almost all palatinians and frightening many children. Still, US Prasident Clinton tries to illuminate "Honest broker" to true and bring Jassir Arafat and Ehud Barak to a table. In addition, the reporting in the media – as always, when self-proclaimed experts playing to Nahost Specialists – to Wish. If the conflict continues to expand and becomes a warlike confrontation, such "Media trap" To bounded, as it has been tackled in the last Gulf War 1990-91 and had amed absurd forms in the NATO attacks on Yugoslavia: pool journalism, in which western militars expanded the information monopoly, and self-center, in the journalists from laziness, arrogance and Preventive obedience "other side" no longer to be understood and that of their generals voluntarily survive.

For this reason, the uncensored Internet will play a big and more important role in international conflicts for those who simply do not believe the statements of order carriers and their writers do not want to inform themselves comprehensively. A small overview of the Middle Eastern sources of information that do not hithstand any official news drip, Ministry, Army Tenderer or Holy Book – previously not:

Hair net – serious, left-liberal Israeli daily newspaper, with mostly informative and informative reports as about the Washington Post. Indispensable to understand Israeli government policy.

Alternative News – Website of a left press and information center in West Jerusalem, in the Israelis and, when the Israeli army allocated it, collaborate palatinians, with daily updated news from local and background analyzes of intellectuals and journalists from the region.

Addameer – The Internet counterpuck to the previous one. It is seen from – geographically – palastic side. The webmaster Adam Hanieh recently explained the importance of the Internet for Palastinians recently in a trailing article. His website involves news, eyewitness reports and the most important links to portable foreign mainstream media.

Bir since – a first attempt by students of the Palastian Bir since University of establishing an internet radio, in Arabic and English.

B’spelem is the website of the large Israeli human rights organization in the occupied territories.

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