Presented: the hamburg image artist and young star robert jahns

A whale in the Grand Canal in Venice. An elephant with the colorful flights of a butterfly as ears. A dizzying roller coaster trip over Manhattan. Dogs and elephants floating on colorful balloons through the air. The motifs of Robert Jahn’s are unusual and of course all originated by Montages.

PhotoStar in the Social Web

The Hamburg photographer born in 1987 and has been photographing professionally for about four years after its own statement, is now one of the most popular German photography artists at Instagram. Not a long time, then he has cracked the sound limit of one million subscribers under his artificial teacher Nois7.

The Berliner Fotolabor XXLPIX published a list of Top 100 Photographers on the Web in August this year. It is based on an evaluation of various key figures from the social web. In this list, the self-taught, which provided the photography itself, on the first place in the field of offspring, in second place among the German photographers and in 13th place international.

"The special feature of my artwork is that one always feels certain emotions", Describes Jahns his work. It is important for him to tell his pictures a story and encourage the viewer to think. He was creating picture worlds, which did not exist so, so you ask yourself, "Is that real or fake"? Exactly this aspect make his pictures "Exciting and interesting".

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