Presentation: honda crf 450 l

Presentation: honda crf 450 l

It took many years, but Honda has finally went through, even in Germany officially offering a sports enduro. From October the CRF 450 L, which is based on the Motocrosser CRF 450 R, will find your way into our characters. It is based on the potent motocrosser CRF 450 R, but it was significantly throttled for the strab concentration. It is amazing that the world-growing motorcycle manufacturer override the market of slim enduros over decades of the competition of KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Suzuki and some smaller brands, while Honda always more magnificent motocrossers, which one could easily rebuild behavior.

For the sport

The CRF 250 L presented in 2013 was not a real sportenduro, because it carries the 250 cm3 single cylinder produced by Honda million, which brings it to durable but rather modest 25ps. The small Enduro is popularly popular in Asia gross popularity as a Braves everyday sectory, but goods completely overwhelmed on competitions, as they have neither the performance nor the chassis for the hard sports use.

In the now contested CRF 450 L, this looks different. Even if you have LED lighting, turn signal, speedometer, horn, backpacking mirror, and license plate carrier and even fill the Euro4 standard – the L in the model name is indeed for "legal" -, it comes from a true motocrosser. The CRF 450 R is a very serious announcement with 57 hp and always mixes on the slopes at the front in the starter field. But before now false hopes will be awakened: it only gets clearly throttled one. With 25 hp she makes exactly as much as the small CRF 250 L. After all, it surprises their maximum torque by ten and brings it to 32 nm.

Universally applicable

Thus, the Honda grows the same destiny as all other sporting touros, which only clearly circumcised the blessing of the motor joint office. Unbrokenly, you can only participate in competitions on the closed area, on public straws you are very illegally on the road with full performance.

Honda applies the CRF 450 L as a dual porpose motorcycle that is universally applicable. She is said to beat on ambitious bonuses wacker (which can be sure) and yet on asphalt glances (which was only very surprised by the case). Honda has operated some effort to transform the motocrosser into an enduro with a long shelf life. Motocross are sprinkage races in which the motors blanked on high-speed power are mercilessly joined the route without challenging on the material. In contrast, there are marathon runs where it needs to hold on and must be handled accordingly with the bike. Also, tricky passages are to be mastered where the engine needs sufficient torque at low tours.

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