Presentation: ford kuga number 3

Presentation: ford kuga number 3

Ford has been globally successful with Focus and Kuga in recent years. If you want to secure that, a wide range of burners will no longer range, already to comply with the art CO2 limits. The Ford takes into account: The new Kuga gets three versions in which an electric motor is involved in a form on the drive. This betrays Ford as well as other models will continue in this chapter. Elsewhere, interested parties were allowed to be destroyed.

Three hybrid

The Kolner obeyed once to the first coincidence manufacturers who had an electric car in the compact class. But the interest in the FOCUS Electric was low. So low that the brand focuses on an expansion of hybrid offer for the time being. In the Kuga, the art will have three hybrid drives. Plug-in and fullhybrid get a 2.5-liter gasoline that runs in the Atkinson cycle. The inlet valve is particularly spous here, which increases the thermal efficiency. Both are coupled to a stepless automatic transmission. In Asia and America, that is especially true, because switching trucks are eliminated with it. In Europe, customers are harder. As so often it comes to how well that is done: In the Honda Civic with the small gasoline engine we liked the interaction of CVT and engine quite well.

The new Kuga is expected to be launched in the early 2020. The plug-in hybrid will give it from the beginning, the full hybrid only from the end of the next year. Therefore, there are already a few corner data only for the version with external loading logo. The system performance is 166 kW (226 hp). The battery has a capacity of 14.4 kWh, which is to be stretched for an electric range of about 50 km. Ford promises that you can recharge at a 230 volt socket in about four hours. However, the socket must be secured with at least 16 amps and also designed for such high permanent benefits. Both are not self-reliable in old homes.

The third powertrain with E-engine becomes a mild hybrid. Here is a belt-driven starter generator starter and alternator. Recuperates into an air boiled 48 volt lithium-ion battery. With which performance of the starter generator support the two-liter diesel maximally, Ford does not betray. The self-cord offers 110 kW (150 hp) – a range of services, which has chasted many customers in the past. Ford expects 5 liters in the WLTP, this indication is only flowers. The goods significantly less than, for example, Seat for an Ateca with comparable 150 hp diesel and automatic. There are 5.8 liters in the combined WLTP.

Two gasoline, two diesel

The more engine offer consists of two diesel engines with 120 and 190 hp as well as two petrols with 120 and 150 hp. The petrol engine has 1.5 liters of displacement, which spread to three cylinders. In part load operation, Ford rests one of them and splashes the fuel into the suction tube, with a high power request he is injected directly into the combustion chamber.

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