Presentation: bmw x1 facelift

Presentation: bmw x1 facelift

Fans of classic BMW brand values may cause stomach pain from what the Group has set in recent years in recent years. Whether Vans with front drive, SUVs with three-cylinders – the brand proved some courage, which was rewarded success. The second X1 is an image of this development. That this is not much to do with what BMW over decades has not more to do, Stort does not have a relevant part of the targeted purchaser layer. And so it is not surprising that BMW with the TEXMABLE model maintenance with the X1 almost everything weighs as it is.

The new BMW X1

Of course, the poets and thinkers of the leaflet sell the completely different. There is to read from the "new BMW X1", which is "still desirable". My favorite site is in which it is determined that the high quality standard is obvious through the new contrasting seam. That reads a bit desperately, but be it’s it. Such overworking is, of course, serves to adapt the design with possible – Da expensive interventions to the time taste and / or the current philosophy of the house. So the updated X1 also gets an enlarged kidney, although it has not quite the cartoon-like execution of the just lit BMW 7s. New in the X1 are adaptive LED headlamps, which expand the maximum possible functionality and a matrix function – that is, what other manufacturers in this segment, such as Mazda in the CX-5 (Test), can already provide long.

Gross value for many years, the Munchener has been on the front of the consumer electronics. The X1 is sustained, but not on the new operating system OS7. It remains with the sixth generation of the iDrive system. Series Mabig is a screen with 6.5 inch diagonal, in the slightly less supercourted Navi he grows to 8.8 inches – so much had the top model so far. Who invests in the large expansion stage, gets a 10.25-inch screen delivered. The over the rotary prere controller is controlled between the seats, by language or via the creation screen. HAMPLE Before the center console stays in the X1 continuously – a gesture control is not offered.

Android car does not come

Important goods have been most customers that the real-time data is finally included, but they remain a separate extra. Since you can only see the X1 builders for a wide-wake of seller, which indicates one on such subtleties. Otherwise, under circumstances, just under 3000 euros in a navigation system, the traffic data relates to TMC. The way out to navigate to integrate an app on the phone into the car, BMW blocks most customers. Furthermore, there are only Apple CarPlay, Android car is not provided.

In the context of the changeover to the exhaust standard Euro 6C and the new consumer WLTP also fell in the program at BMW some engines from the program. Artistic is again the full assortment. At the gasoline, the offer at the three-cylinder with 140 hp, there are four cylinders with 192 and 231 hp. The diesel offer is the diesel offer, the art of 116 above 150, 190 to 231 hp. The weakest and the strongest diesel fulfill the exhaust standard Euro 6d, all others the 6D Temp. The latter must first get an update until the end of the next year, as they in this form from the 1. January 2021 no longer be approved for the first time in the EU.

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