Presentation: bmw 320d mildhybrid

Presentation: bmw 320d mildhybrid

Technical updates Hangen at BMW for many years nothing positively at surfing or a model change. The 3er was launched until 2019, the touring has only been available for a few months. Now the strong sought-after version 320d gets an upgrade. This is not only advantages for the customer.

Unusual still, the otherwise attractive state work has accompanied the conversion in the 520d. Since November 2019, a starter generator has been installed there, BMW now performs this step in the 3er. He has a 48 volt electrical system and can contribute up to 8 kW performance. BMW promises an "improved dynamism", which does not read out of the factory information. It remains in 320d touring with automatic at 7.1 seconds in the standard sprint and 230 km / h highest speed.

Objective: less

The mild hybridization is a different purpose. In the cycle, it should reduce consumption in order to preserve the Group against penalties for too high fleet consumption. BMW goes the way many have already gone and are still going to go – the load point shift. The aim is to operate the engine possible often close to the expansion of efficiency. If the current load requirement is under this point of view, energy is "stored" in a small memory. If the load requirement is due to said point, the battery is removed and the starter generator controls its up to 8 kW. The battery has a capacity of 11 ah, so 0.528 kWh.

Which advances are possible in consumption, the design and control of the system depends on the design and control of the system. Toyota has perfected over many years. The Japanese rely on a small memory and, compared to BMW, a much stronger electric engine. In the 180-horsepower Corolla, which we had in the editors, can be achieved via the country’s loose consumption values by 4 liters / 100 km. In the 320d the progress remains quite surprising. BMW determines consumption in the WLTP and calculates back to the NEFZ. In the 320d Touring with automatic it was minimal 4.4 liters in the cycle, with mild hybridization, it is now minimal 4.2 liters. Printed in CO2, the new drive undercuts the previous 109 to 114 g / km.

No choice

With the upgrade, BMW represents Euro 6D Temp from the exhaust standard Euro 6D Temp to the Euro 6D, so the introduction of the standard expect from January 2021 to the minimum requirement for a few months before. At the same time, the possibility of being able to order the 320d also with manual transmission orders. This makes the 320d mildhybrid again significantly more expensive: a 320d with manual transmission at the end of 42.000 Euro in the price list. Now that’s what happened to 2150 euros is to be paid – and very much for recommended – eight-course automatic standard mab. In the end, there is still a supplement of 850 euros for mild hybridization. And of course the 45 are.000 Euro, which costs a 320d touring naked, first the starting point of a long journey along the lickings of the long price list. Who may, can now order the machine with e-support from now on X3 and X4.

Too much of?

BMW has introduced a new basic model in the threesome, which costs almost 7000 euros less than a 320d. The new 318i has a two-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine that cooperates series-mabig with the eight-speed automatic. He offers 250 nm and 115 kW (156 hp). 8.7 seconds in the standard sprint and 220 km / h highest speed promises BMW – a lame entry-level model is not that. In the WLTP, BMW calls 6.6 liters. This is significantly less called Mercedes for the comparable C 180 – there are 7.1 liters in the WLTP.

38.050 Euro requires BMW for the 318i Touring, 36.500 Euro for the 318i sedan. A look at the sales figures of the competitor from Stuttgart shows that the 318i could certainly be asked. Of not even 30 hp 320i, it separates him more than 4,000 euros, which also has a certain weight in this class. At Mercedes at any rate, the C 180 is the favorites of the clientele, although he is not the entry-level model there.

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