Presentation: bmw 3 series touring 2019

Presentation: bmw 3 series touring 2019

The story appears almost unimaginable today. What is not meant the idea, but much more the actual implementation. A BMW employee is in the early 1980s that the second 3-year (internal E30) was still pretty new in the market, just too little space for his needs. Instead of killing the competition, the engineer pulls back into his garage and begins to make a station wagon from the limousine. The result he shows friends, then colleagues and finally the board at BMW. The idea of the potential of the idea of max Ricebock probably only. That it becomes a billion business over the years, you can not know. Three years after the presentation, the first 3er station wagon dealt with the name "Touring" in series, although a BMW 02 was a flop with this name in the early 1970s.

In the meantime, BMW sells much more combi as limousines in Western Europe, and it speaks a lot for that this will remain. Because the now presented sixth generation of the 3er touring follows the preserved pattern, with all advantages and disadvantages.

surpass the Superb

If one compares the original model with the current visually, the changed time spirit shows the above clearance. The model from the 1980s works filigree and petite. At 4.33 meters, he is about as long as a current model of the Golf Class. The new one appears next to him, you really wanted to print it benevolent, belly. The kidney has also bought against the direct process here as well, but does not quite reach the discharge that deform the overworked BMW 7er. With now 4.71 meters, the 3er Touring is now as long as its most important competitors of Audi and Mercedes (Test). The space remains, compared to models like the hardly long-range VW Passat (test), rather below average. The wheelbase grows at 41 mm to 2.85 m and thus even the Skoda Superb Combi (Test), which he certainly does not competition with regard to the space offering.

The trunk lays to now 500 liters for the whole FUNF. Here, too, the new 3er touring in principle continues to provide what Audi and Mercedes also offer in this class. New is the idea of "anti-slip rails", which extend after the slippers of the, mass-mabig motorized, tailgate. How much others also, BMW builds the rubberized rails only for a surcharge. The separately to the rear window and the possibility to disappear the load compartment cover under the carpet.

Timetable stands

The premix timetable is already fixed. Fair premiere is at the IAA 2019, with the handlers in Germany the station wagon from the 28. September. It has a certain tradition at BMW that not all engines are equal to the same, but the customers have to wait for the full selection no longer as long as at times of the first 3er touring.

From September there is:

330i / 330i xdrive (with four-wheel) – 258 hp

320d, 320d xdrive – 190 hp

330d xdrive – 265 hp

Expected in November then follow:

320i – 184 hp

M340i xdrive – 374 hp

318D – 150 hp

The option to a manual transmission will only exist, at least for the time being, only in the 318d and in the 320d with rear wheel drive. All engines send BMW to the customers with the exhaust standard Euro 6D Temp. At least the first, because within a year period, the Group must improve, as new cars can only be admitted to the EU until the end of the next year in the EU. Maybe BMW makes it better at the plug-in hybrid 330e Touring better, which should come to the market in the summer of 2020. However, a classification under the Euro 6d were then finally embarrassed.

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