Presentation: bmw 1 series f40

Presentation: bmw 1 series f40

The long-conditioned paradigm shift in the BMW compact class is now completed. The new 1er presents itself with front drive and later-built three- and four-cylinder engines. He stands on the same platform as the mini models. Thus, a standard distribution takes place in two ways. BMW sells its early unique selling point from the compact class and tries to offer the customers who have lived up to the BMW surcharge, cheaper technology at the same price. This is what you can see in comparison to the process clearly coarse Frontuberhang. Let’s think about the rabbits with the overdimensional front run, with which BMW advertising made fun of the competition with front drive a decade ago. Under the hare with unfavorable silhouette of the lapidare set: "That’s why BMW does not build vehicles with front drive."


And in fact, the proportions of the new model at first glance act slightly less balanced than the process that was almost the same length (plus 5 mm in the process), but had a 20 mm long wheelbase. However, this is just as a matter of taste as the obligatory range of guts, to which the press kit here again under the heading "Highlights" proudly indicates. The stylistic added value of these flashing was already negated from us to the genus. If the expensive models were still the Chinese taste for BMW in the field, which was required to demand such bizarre BMW cartoons, this is no longer at the 1er, whose transaction was sold to 80 percent in Europe. But even the previous 1er models were probably not bought in the first place of their design.

Conventional compact

Rather, they were a conscious decision for BMW-typical driving dynamics with rear wheel drive. The buyers accepted expensive prices for relatively enchanted space ratios and practical disadvantages. BMW now promises the quadrature of the circle with its front-wheel drive architecture. It is designed to make the Funfturigen 1er at least as athletic now as a sporty as soon as possible, more space and save money in production. The last two points involves them in any case. With 30 mm more kneeity and at least 19 mm more headroom, the new 1er offers much more room comfort for passengers on the back seat.

More room

The 19 mm headroom was measured in a vehicle in which this was installed as a new special equipment, electrically mounted in front of the panorama sliding roof. There is also a 20-liter trunk in normal position, which adds 380 liters to Golf VII with now 380 liters. In the maximum cargo space, the golf still remains 70 liters in front.

A practical advantage of the new 1er is that the minimum width of the cargo space could be widened by 67 mm, so that one or the other bulky cargo still fits in, in which the standard drive is striked. Even drivers and front passenger have significantly more freedom of movement in the new 1er. The front drive is 34 mm wider than its process. In interaction with the elimination of the cardant tunnel, even 43 mm more elbow freedom could be realized in front.

Options as with the coarse

The Cockpit of the new 1er does not wait with a rough surprise when you know the cockpit of the current 3er. It is impressive, however, with what consequence of the compact velvet premium assistance and luxury features preserving, which are known from the larger BMW rows. This is followed by the latest infotainment generation with OS 7.0, an optional Live Cockpit Professional with two 10.25 inch screens rather than coming round instruments. Already in the basic equipment is a central 8.8-inch touchscreen included.

New is a 9.2-inch head-up display in the 1er, other than many competitors in the compact class can do without embarrassing Plexiglas and is projected directly into the disk. Overall, the new 1er makes the big jump here compared to the standard drive. But Fragwurrdig is the decision to make Apple CarPlay also available at the new 1er as well as in the entire product portfolio and thus the huge number of Android users in front of their heads. Especially for the special equipment Digital Key, so the benefit of smartphone as key replacement, in turn unusable Samsung Galaxy Top Models are necessary. That does not think so thought.

Jump to the assistance systems

Serial mabig is a ride and personal alert with City brake function at the new 1er, which also points to cyclists and a tracking warning. The latter is active in a speed range between 70 and 210 km / h. She actively engages in the steering when the driver without blinking, leaving the track. At an additional cost, Driving Assistant, jerky assistant (autonomously the last 50 m backropping) and much more reliable. BMW promises to provide the customer, despite the new 1er front drive architecture, a BMW typical dynamic, although the new drive makes a clear two-class company from the BMW portfolio.

On the one hand, the "correct" BMWs are with long installed engines, which continue to remain in the expensive models in series sixtes cylinders. You have standard drive or. Elaborately variable rear-fueled four-wheel drive with electronically controlled distribution gear and ZF eight gear automation. And on the other hand, the mini derivatives to which are now also the 1er: a maximum of four cylinders transversely, front-wheel drive or slope-on-four-wheel, AISIN automatic as in the BMW X2 20D xDrive (test). As can already raise the question whether BMW now not just as the customer asks for a cheaper product to Checkout.

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