Presentation: audi a6 55 tfsi e

Presentation: audi a6 55 tfsi e

He was announced in February, now Audi can finally deliver the A6 55 TFSI E with plug-in hybrid finally. This was also time, because even the German competition of Mercedes and BMW, a pioneering role in hybridization unobsprent, is a long prasent in this market. For Audi, this model is of particular importance, because the tax advantage on the private use of company cars can be a model financially pretty interesting.


Like the competition, Audi also combines a two-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with an E-engine. In the 55 TFSI E, the burner carries 185 kW, the E-Motor 105 kW. This makes it much more powerful than the powertrain in Mercedes E 300 E, which brings 155 kW (gasoline) plus 90 kW. The system performance indicates Audi with 270 kW (367 hp), Mercedes with 245 kW (333 hp). The performance is far above what most people will connect with a savings model. Last but not least thanks to its four-wheel drive, this A6 accelerates in 5.6 seconds from zero to Tempo 100, the Mercedes remains just 0.1 seconds – despite 34 hp less. The conclusion is at both at 250 km / h.

The lithium-ion battery in the A6 has a capacity of 14.1 kWh, in the E 300 there are 13.5 kWh. Both manufacturers only call the gross capacity, how much can use, remains secret. Audi promises a range of 53 km in the WLTP, Mercedes calls 57 km, but in NEFZ. The consumption values of plug-in hybrids in the WLTP were deprived of any comparability, Burokrates have provided whole work. In the WLTP, the A6 should be between 1.9 and 2.2 liters or. 17.4 to 17.9 kWh / 100 km consume.

Slightly better than, for example, BMW Lost Audi load the topic. In the BMW 530E (test) the highest charging power is reached at 3.7 kW, audi and mercedes allow 7.4 kW. Here everyone will have to re-submit, if the electrical use is to be erected. A charging from zero to 100 percent should take about two and a half hours in the A6.

Soon outdated

The fact that a plug-in hybrid drive has been inserted into an existing vehicle concept is shown, for example, the trunk. An A6 with a sole burner has 530 liters to offer, the 55 TFSI E with 360 liters just ten more than one VW polo (test). Elsewhere, Audi had to use the spade birth compared to the competitors to be pioneering at the emission standard. But as with so many manufacturers, Audi builds on that it does not matter to customers with which standard the cars are delivered. And so the first A6 with plug-in hybrid with the Euro 6D Temp come on the market. An update to the Euro 6d is probably done with the factory holidays in the summer 2020. The first customers then drive a young, expensive car, which no longer meets the current state. Yes, the competition does not make it better, but the Volkswagen brand Audi had to go here – and can.

Follows an avant?

The list price of the A6 55 TFSI E is 68.850 euros, a similarly powerful A6 55 TFSI Quattro S Tronic 60.500 euro. However, the plug-in hybrid is significantly better equipped. Audi here, among other things, is a climate control with four zones, matrix LED headlights, 19-inch alloy wheels, sports seats and electricity with it. However, the most important success guaranteed on the European market is currently not available at Audi: Mercedes can also offer one of the two plug-in hybrids in the E-Class as a station wagon. We ame that Audi and BMW will follow.

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