Preferential relic

Preferential relic

Amelia Island (USA), 25. February 2013 – Marz comes in the USA a Tucker ’48, better known as Tucker Torpedo, among the hammer. Prominent previous owner of the pre-series model was George Lucas, the creative head behind film classics such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones but also "Tucker – a man and his dream car"

Only 47 ’48

Of the Tucker ’48, only 51 copies were manufactured, which nowadays unacted information should still exist 47 pieces. The production period included only the years 1947 and 1948. The vehicle was considered one of the most advanced cars. It has longived for a long time before other cars on safety belts, a windshield falling in the accident and cornering lights. Drive was a 5.5-liter six-cylinder boxer engine in the rear with 168 hp.

That from for the young company came with an indictment of tax evasion against the company ground Preston Thomas Tucker. The author concluded the work in Illinois and even after the acquittal for Tucker, production was not resumed. The copy to be auctioned is the third built pre-series model. At the end of the 1980s, the car reached the Hand of George Lucas. This was in 1988 with producer of the film "Tucker – a man and his dream car", which shows the life of Preston Thomas Tucker and his project, the Tucker ’48.

Lucas filmed Tuckers project

After Lucas sold that in 2005, it was restored from scratch. The big focus was on authenticity and the use of possibly many original parts. If it comes in Marz 2013 among the hammer, the auctioneer calculates around 1.1 to 1.4 million euros with an eliminated from converted.

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