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Corrupt government and ethnic tensions

Kumanovo, not far from the borders to Serbia and Kosovo, is the third-gross city of the former Yugoslav Part Republic of Macedonia. The demographic structure of this city reflects about the demographic structure of the country again. About a third of Kumanovos residents are ethnic Albanians, the majority consists of Slavic Macedonians. Kumanovo broched the international headlines in the international headlines, when it came to bloody skull controls between units of the Macedonian Security Police and an armed group of 30-50, which were initially named further. It came to 22 dead, including 8 policemen, and 37 injured (at least 22 dead people in Macedonia). The director of intelligence UBK is back.

The initiation of the house in which the armed group had tacked. Picture from a police video

Macedonia has been exposed to the heaviest internal tension for years. The partial Republic of Macedonia was at the time of Marshal Tito to be quite tailored, also to counteract Bulgarian expansion losses, with which the Slavic Macedonians took linguistically and culturally closely connected, but were ruled with a solid hand. This authority was charged at the latest with the decomposition process of Yugoslavia, from the Macedonia as an independent, if extremely unstable state emerged.

Although Macedonia was spared bloody burger and ethnic cleaning, but as a result of Kosovo war, there were already battles between UCK fighting and the Macedonian government forces in 2001. The vacuum of the Albanian minority of Macedonia, whose population growth is far faster than that of the Slavic majority, was never so systematically operated there as at the time the vacuum of the Albanian majority of Kosovo by Prasident Milosovic. But ethnic harmony or even denominational harmony has never been in Macedonia.

The Albanian population of Macedonia, of which the majority belonged to Islam, is far strongly interpreted by religious traditions than their compatriots in Kosovo or in the Republic of Tirana. The Albanians who call themselves Skipetars, ie Adlersohne, were rightly confronted by the fact that they were denied in Macedonia a reasonable representation, according to the coarse of their population share, in the political institutions. The Macedonian Government replied with the indication that at least one of the two coarse Albanian parties were represented in the Cabinet. However, it has been found that this is a highest opportunistic collaboration, which is often perverted and corrupted in this region of our continent, the procedural parliamentary democracies perverted and corrupted.

One of the arrested camphor. Picture from a police video

Meanwhile, the official presentation of the government, after which the camphor of Kumanovo had penetrated from Kosovo, doubted by many observers in and outside Macedonia. Certainly there is no doubt that the officially opened in Kosovo will continue to indicate the tone there – despite the massive troop priority of the KFOR. The domestic development of Kosovo, a state lifted from the western state community at the beginning of the millennium from the baptism and from which his burgers are now ruled out, and the growth of the left-nationalist burger movement Vetevendosje represents a coarse-Albania ideology, has a direct impact on Macedonia ethnic stability. Nobody should be surprised if the frustration of the Albanians now recognized their entire, multi-split nation and inspired for violence.

Some of the armed ones who had. Picture ais a police video

Observers, however, point out that suicide commands of this kind, as they have come in Kumanovo, did not correspond to the previous strategy of the uck. Also, social networks and elsewhere point out that the Macedonian government is under massive domestic prere, so maybe even a motive had had to stage the incident.

Since the beginning of the year, the Macedonian Office is successively informed about that, in which spit the spying and the control of political opponents and burgers are progressed. The opposition published Abhore protocols, which revealed a swamp of distrust and corruption, in which the ruling legal National VMRO under Minister Prosident Nikola Gruevski and their Albanian coalition partner. In contrast, a protest movement of Burgern has formed itself in Skopje, which – for the first time in the history of the country – is multiethnic. Whether violence like that in Kumanovo drove that the ethnic gap mushroom decomposes the protest movement will soon show. This development was able to scare the Slavic Macedonians, even to existential fears. Even before it came to a utopian payroll of the ethnic groups, the rifles could start by themselves. The Balkan does not want to rest.

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