Portugal is no longer an island against right-wing extremists

Portugal is no longer an island against right-wing extremists

With the collection of the Ultra-Party Chega in Parliament, there are more increasingly in Portugal – even today – racist surprises

It was a shock in Portugal, as on 25. July The Black Actor Bruno Cande in Moscavide near the capital Lisbon was murdered. Four shot were fired from the next close to the 39-year-old, who was sab on a park bench, without the tatter ever addressed him before.

Although the adult evaristo Marinho denies racist motifs, but according to Candes’s family, who can call on witnesses, the actor had a dispute already three days before with the former soldier. He had insulted the actor racist and threatened with death. The 76-year ex-camphor in Portugal ex-colony Angola said to Cande: "I bring you around, I have weapons at home", Like witnesses.

Three days later he sat around his threat. The ex-militar was still overwhelmed at the crime scene of bold passers-by, which could prevent its escape. The weapon, so have the investigation resulted, was stolen in the 1990s from police. That it is a racist act is actually all clear. This also expects European network against racism (Enar).

This speaks that the wife of Portuguese Cande had won among others with the following satins: "Go back to your country", He demanded from the actor born in Portugal. "SCHEIB NIGGER", he insulted him who "Mother rape" sold. "In Angola I have a lot of than the killed", Negared Marinho without any remorse after fact.

Because of the statements, it is also clear for SOS racism that it has to be done with a cold-blooded-planned racist murder:

"The essential character of the murder does not leave room for doubt that it is a racist-motivated crime."

The organization reminded that 25 years ago Alcindo Monteiro AM "Day of the breed" was killed. 60 Neonazis had at 10. June 1995 gathered, "To hunt for Nigger in the Upper Town" close. Also Monteiro was murdered just because he was black. Again in Portugal was a black man "Totated on the brightest day of racist grounds", If the anti-racism organization summarizes the passes with which she moved more anger of racists and right-wing extremists.

The climate has changed

With the murder of Cande, the view of Catarina Martins was confirmed. The boss of the left block (BE) had pointed out in the telepolis conversation shortly before that Portugal is no longer a island in Europe, which is free from massive right-wing extremists. Even though the right-wing extremist Party (now ranging) could only move into parliament a seat and with a percentage of votes a year ago, right-wing extremists and racist activities are now increasingly being observed in Portugal.

"There is also the phanomen who we know from other countries, from which the extreme right benefits. Because the hate discourse of the extreme right is normalized by the traditional rights and also by communication media."

That did not exist earlier in Portugal, she explained against Telepolis.

And Chega benefits, which after surveys could now be up to 7% of the votes. The climate in the country has changed into the country with the entry of the Ultras, which received a linguistic tube. Chega boss and parliamentarian Andre Ventura relies on provocation and worried in January for excitement. He demanded the deportation of a black parliamentarian. Concretely, Joacine Katar Moreira from the Left Party Livre (free). She was also re-entered into parliament. It is better for all, "especially for Portugal", If you create them in your home country, Ventura also explained over Facebook.

Stort that the parliamentarian who comes from the former colony Guinea Bissau has pointed to the bloody colonial history and demanded the back of solid cultural heroes. She is constantly "Racist attacks" exposed to all link parties to the ruling socialists who have solidarized with her. Anyway, the Livre Deputies is horrified about the advances. "I had never imagined so much violence", she explained. "I think if someone had told me that it got so, I had never run."

In fact, instead of apologizing, as it was requested from him, Ventura has only confirmed his discourse later. You can not accept that Livre the story of Portugal as one "irresponsible colonialism, a non-tolerable racism and an unbearable imperialism" represents. The Ultra, on the other hand, tries to face a narrative that there was also services in this story.

Wide-based campaign

To the strategy of the party attend, always to start counter demonstrations to take the strain. So after a very rough demonstration in the context of Black Lives Matter from Chega a march under the motto was carried out: Portugal is not racist. It is obvious that Chega wants to score with a clear racist-nationalist course. That has, as the murder of the actor shows, is now also dead consequences.

Truly, it is surprised and failed in Portugal by no exceptions. Just had the British Guardian in a reportage pointed to various racist advances and murder threats. So the head of SOS racism in Lisbon had received murder threats for murder threats after the comments on the murder of the actor. "Our goal is to dead every foreigner and anti-fascists – and they are under one of our goals", Mamadou Ba was communicated by email.

Racist threatening letters are for BA as the seashore, which is why he has not least given much importance to this email, he explained. In it, among other things, it also explains that for everyone "Prisoner Nationalists Anti-racist is dying and is murdered a nationalist, dozens of foreigners are murdered".

Another attack targets were anti-fascists, escape, black and transsexuals. In August then followed a second message. And in it, BA was ultimately asked to leave the land as his family otherwise has to wear the consequences. To underline this requirement, the letter was a cartridge houlse.

And new was that it was suddenly at the seat of the anti-racism organization to a deployment in the style of Ku Klux Klan. With torches and masked about 20 fascists in front of the Buro, racist slogans called, lubricated swast crosses to their migration and explained immigrants the war.

At the latest, it became clear that this is a broad-based campaign to work on different levels. In view of the advances, the European network against racism from the government had already "Urgent institutional answer" required. The European network against racism (Enar) provides a clear connection between the collection of Chega in Parliament and the increase in racist attacks. Become "Right-wing extremist activists encouraged to commit racist motivated crimes", quotes the Guardian the network.


Not only was BA, but also three black parliamentarians received murder threats, including the Livre Deputies attacked by Ventura. In addition to head of SOS racism, Mariana Mortagua and Beatriz Gomes (both from the left block) were also a threatening letter. Among them were also the trade unionist Danilo Moreira and other activists from antiracist and anti-fascist movement.

A total of ten parliamentarians and activists received threaten letters of two organizations with the previously unknown name "New order of Avis" (NOA) and the already known "National resistance" (RN). You were put an ultimatum within 48 hours "national territory" to leave. They also had to inflict by all political officials. "If the ultimatum has expired, we will take mails against you and your family to guarantee the safety of Portuguese people", it is in the murder threat. It comes from a fight against "Retainer of the nation and her trail" spoken.

Interesting are, as with ultra-parties, ubroad, the interconnections to violent right-wing extremists groups and neo-Nazis. The fact that the Chega boss Ventura has good contacts in the violent scene is known in Portugal. It’s almost enough to watch his Twitter contribution to the murder threats to cancel him. Because in it he tries to bother the advances. "If Andre Ventura Y Chega are threatened (which happens static), nobody is alarmed. But in these poor souls howls and screams the whole country. Elegant land."

He is doing as if he was threatened. He forgets that in his party Nazis and several violent fascists. In party events, the Hitlergrub is sometimes shown, while the national anthem will be sung without Ventura being intervention. Only when the cause becomes publicly, like an incident in January in Porto, he distances verbally and is moderate.

He did that as the land of the extremely violent Hamerskins, Mario Machado, his appendant has called to enter the ultra-party. Often, Ventura is officially dissociating himself, at Mario Machado is a very well-known neofashist, which is always sab for violent crimping in the prison.

But the thought is on the fact that the distancing Venturas are only lip foods.

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