Polish free server blocks inconvenient www pages

Registration or blockade

Onet.PL, one of the largest suppliers of free webspace, recently locked a lot of www pages. The reason: Your owners did not register you in the new web directory of Onet.


In December, Onet sent to his users a message in which it bolted, from 2000 the free space from 3 to 6 MB expanded. The message was the title "Price for the first", In the content, however, was also the speech from a punishment for all others. Any user page that is up to 20.12.1999 is not registered in the new web directory of Onet, will be blocked.

Onet kept his word and now not only "lazy" User, but also visitors from their pages "fined". You will find only the explanation instead of the content you are looking for "We are sorry – this page has been locked properly". From there you can get on an info page about the blockade and learn that the blocking action will take until the end of January. Each page that does not land in the web directory until then is finished finished.

At the same time Onet – a company that now operates the best search engine in the Polish network – for its new web directory "ECO". All user pages should be listed there. Onet also tries to win voluntary, the "Employee", "editor" or "expert" provide new entrance and evaluation of the WWW pages. For free, sees itself.

Everything is properly maby, and a free provider should, of course, determine his own rules of the game. However, he loses all the users who do not keep much of such rules. Unfortunately, in Poland, there are still very many internaes to free offers on free offers and would like to have such practices have fallen.

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