Plasma cutting for maker

Plasma cutting for maker

Granted – on a lightsaber, such a plasma cutter does not completely approach, but what is possible, is already amazing! Centimeter thick steel plates can be cut like butter – and in any form. And this is how it works: An arc is snapped by a copper deuse, creating a very hot, strongly compressed plasma, which is then printed by a gas stream (mostly compressed air) in a beam from the nozzle.

The possibility to separate metals with the help of a plasma cutter with little effort, thanks to the ever-fallen prices, even for makers is an interesting thing. Hand-fused plasma cutter is there and again even for 150 euros in the discounter and next to a socket you need only compressed air. In the make 2/21 we give buying tips, show the necessary precautionary statements and explain to a simple initial project, as that works with the plasma cutting exactly.

So in the booklet: real handwork

Graphics Can So Create Makers Easily – With Inkscape: The Envied Colleague Already Carries A New T-Shirt With A Great Nerdic Graphic, While Your Foil Plotter with Oden "Comic Sans" Letters Bored Bored? This Will Be Different With Our Workshop Immediately: We show You How To Prepare You Without Design Study Pictures Perfect For Cutting Plotters and Laser Cutters.

Then We Continue The K40: The Cheap Laser Cutter Is (Not Only In The Word of the Word) A Permanent Burner. With the New Honeycomb With Automatic High Adjustment, We Now Rusted A Really Meaningful Function.

Make: on the kiosk and in the heise shop

The ie 2/21 of the make is online and on the kiosk conservation. With one of our subscriptions, the booklet was already in the staple in the mailbox. In addition, you can order the make comfortable as a print version or pdf in the heise shop. If you prefer to read the Make Digital, you can use this in our apps for iOS and Android. Online you will also find the table of contents of the make 2/21.

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