Paypal allows direct payments in the us direct payments with crypto

PayPal allows direct payments in the US direct payments with crypto

After users in the US have already been able to buy and sell cryptays at PayPal, it is now possible to pay in online stores. Bitcoin, EtherEm, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin can therefore be converted directly to US dollars at least when buying.

Paypal had already announced last year to take this step. Now the confirmation comes that the service is completed, via a Reuters announcement. "For the first time, customers can use Kryptovahrungen as seamlessly as a credit or debit card using their PayPal Wallet", Quotes the news agency the PayPal CEO Dan Schulman. It is a turning point where cryptovascuses from an investment class that buy, hold and sold to develop a legitimate source of funding to "Transactions in the real world through millions of handlers".

However, handlers do not get the amount in the respective cryptography, but always US dollars – the exchange takes place at PayPal in the background. However, the whole trade is based on plenty of restrictions – such as no access to the private keys for users. Kryptory credit should not be transferable.

Also Tesla takes Bitcoins

Thus, PayPal is the big commercial provider, which is the crypto market such. Nevertheless, this was allowed to give the cryptovo again a recovery, as the number of potential users has risen. The transactions should not cost any bonds and respective to a test method. The whole runs under the name "Checkout with Crypto".

In the past week, Tesla had already been explored that one should pay the electric cars with Bitcoin. The crypto money should not be exchanged in classical perceptions, but be kept as such. Also on this news the market reacted pretty positive.

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