Patchday: intel eliminates a total of 95 vulnerabilities from numerous products

Patchday: Intel eliminates a total of 95 vulnerabilities from numerous products

Intel "Patch tuesday" This time has been very extensive: the company published 40 Security Advisories dealing with a total of 95 vulnerabilities in the product portfolio. In many cases it is located on the OEMs to install the published patches in the next step in their products to protect the end customers from the dangers. In part, Intel has made the needed security updates directly available for end users.

Platypus and other attack options

A blog entry to the Intel safety instructions for November 2020 uses three advisories to novel attack strategies and particularly dangerous security swallow.

The contents of one of these advisors we have more detailed in a separate message: "Platypus" is a new angrofs strategy on the "Running Average Power Limit" (RAPL) interface Modern Intel processors. Intel provides patches in the form of microcode updates that come to the affected systems via BIOS update or updates of operating systems. These are all with Intel processors of the Core I and Xeon series since the 2011 generation Sandy Bridge, so from Core I-2000, Pentium G, Celeron G, Xeon E5-2000 and E3-1200.

  • Intel-SA-00389 – 2020.2 IPU – RAPL Interface Advisory

Critical Lucke in Office

A critical safety chuck (CVE-2020-8752, CVSS score 9.4) Has Intel from the remote maintenance system Office (Active Management Technology) in versions before 11.8th.80, 11.12.80, 11.22.80, 12.0.70 and 14.0.45 removed. She put in the IPv6 subsystem and allowed remote, unauthenticated attackers to expand their access rights. The Advisory still calls a number of other security "High"- and "medium"-Classification affecting Multi-Versions of CSME, PLC and TXE. Again, firm and software updates should be distributed by the device manufacturers.

In the blog entry, Intel refers to a new whitepaper related to Security Advisory, which is closer with design and implementation of CSME versions 14.0 and 15.0 (in the COMET or COMET or. Tiger Lake Series).

  • Intel-SA-00391 – 2020.2 IPU – CSME, PLC, TXE, and Amt Advisory
  • Whitepaper to CSME
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