Passionate for or against the eu

The EU must be careful that they do not surprise the patience of Turkey in the entitlement question

The progress report that the EU Commission presented on Wednesday in Brussel was as predictable as the following debate. Of course, the EU can not be satisfied with the development in Turkey. Then she was losing a prere medium in the negotiations. Above all, she came against the population in most EU countries, which assessed an extension by the Turkey from the various grounds really skeptical, in justification prere. Finally, the conditions that were closed against the Turkey to the accession to the accession, primarily such a jerky insurance.

If the Turkey critical mood should spread even further, the emergency brake can be drawn for distress on unheriscided conditions. In turn, the conditions should have a stimulating effect against Turkey. As long as the target of EU accession in the field of possible lounger, you will be all the more effort to be there, was the creation. From this perspective, the progress reports had the function of a last and very last warning. Caution, the goal is danger, but still accessible if you are struggling.

However, that only works as long as Turkey wants to go into the EU and is therefore ready for all efforts. If such EU euphoria should have passed, it has been a long past. The policy of the EU and the European states has also contributed a lot.

Unilateral partisan in the Cyprus conflict

Especially the crucial sticking point, which could lead to a cancellation of negotiations in December, is hardly understood in Turkey. The country should open its port for cypriot ships until then. From Turkish view the Turkey takes into a nationality dispute single-sided party for Greece. If one recapitulates the nearer history, this perspective is comprehensible.

Before the Republic of Cyprus has been included in the EU, a plan made by international intermediaries at the taxation of both parts of Cyprus to vote. If it was accepted by both sides, he had commanded the basis for all Cyprus to be included in the EU. The plan demanded painful compromises from both sides. The Turkical side alone has amed him by majority and rejected the Greek. Nevertheless, it was already found in that the Greek part then becomes a member of the EU member and then even a veto right can dust against Turkey. The vote only went out, because from the beginning it was clear that the EU will not dust the slightest prere on the Greek part of Cyprus.

Paris brusks Ankara

A young example for a at least awkward EU policy opposite Turkey is the decision of the French Parliament to put the official Turkish position on the Armenia conflict under punishment. Apart from the fact that except for the historically reasoned exception of the criminal liability of the Holocaust denier, the assessment of historical facts should actually be no matter of the prosecutor’s office, can be clearly seen here, as domestic reasons stood in the formulation of such an initiative pate.

In the run-up to the French prassident elections, the conservative majority of EU skeptical population wants to show that you understand it. Turkish human rights activists have clearly distanced themselves from this initiative and even confessed, they were traveled to France and demonstratively violated this law when it comes into force.

Enthusiasm illuminated

The times, where the human rights activists promised much of an EU membership, have long been over. Rather, they see them as the smaller ubel against a jerking of Turkey in open dictatorial forms of government or a strengthening Islamism. But today most human rights activists of the thesis were agreed that the EU is a little dwelling for human rights and used them only to certain starting as an argument against Turkey.

The group around the Istanbul Rechtsanwalt Behic ASCI, which has been in the hunger strike for several months in the hunger strike against the isolation prongs, stops nothing from the EU. Finally, these prison types of Turkey have even been recommended by the EU, it is called there. Therefore, other human rights groups see it as positive that they can complain about human rights violations in front of a European court.

Europe as a protective wall opposite an Islamization was brought into the discussion by the sacular opposition and some women’s groups. However, the opposite islamic Minister Prosident Erdogan, among other things, was therefore a particularly decided EU commuter, because he hoped that European courts of some provisions of the Sakular Turkey, such as the headscarf ban on universities, were explained for incompatible with European human rights. This desire of the managed Islamists did not meet themselves and since then their commitment to Europe has also leased lane.

The sacular awesome circles of Turkey in turn do not necessarily focus on the most advanced committees of EU membership. Thus, especially in Kemalistic circles, the good relations with the US was emphasized, which in contrast to the EU does not provide contacts with stable demands on the sample. On the other hand, the US is a matter of the decisive fecrevers of a EU membership of Turkey. She hoped for a start to its position within the EU. However, a Turkey, which was not included in the EU, was not included in the EU’s economic federal partner for the USA.

So it is a mixed position of different times, sometimes even contradictory motifs that causes the different political power in Turkey to position itself for or against an EU accession. A coherent position that clearly and outlaws on the EU is only available at a small minority. Also in the minority are nationalist powers who are clearly acting against EU accession. However, their number has grown in recent years and in the next elections they will be represented again in the Turkical Parliament. They are primarily chosen in the rural areas where you are more obvious to the losers of EU membership.

However, a rough majority of goods quite prepared to bury the project EU membership exactly so dassiverously at least for the next generation, as they have stated so far. The Cyprus question could be a good reason for that. Then the force within the EU, which, as Chancellor Merkel of a Membership of Turkey from the beginning, were skeptically opposite, in the end, when the Turkey of himself says Tschus.

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