Munchen, 7. May 2014 – 30 years ago the first BMW M5 with 286 hp to the first high-performance limousines, today he does 560 hp. On the occasion of the Jubilaum, BMW now sets a small special series of only 300 copies with 600 hp and a maximum torque of 700 nm. The new special model is thus not only the strongest M-BMW, but the strongest series BMW overhead. The sprint from zero to 100 km / h creates the above-funfer in 3.9 seconds.

A lot of detailed work

To retrieve the 4.4-liter V8 the additional power, the boost prere was increased and various maps reprogrammed. Good tuning is always holistic, which in the case of 40 more-horsepower leads to a lot of detailed work in other places. In favor of better handling, the Jubilaums-M5 receive the competition package with a lowering of ten millimeters and a spring / steamer design coordinated. In addition, the M-Dynamic mode of the driving stability control DSC was shoved. And because all that stands in pretty finely finished, in turn it had to "Active M"-Differential to the high performance and the changed chassis characteristics are adapted. The steering with M-specific servoTronic function gets a direct designed characteristic. The 20-inch alloy wheels are in front with 265/35-tires and on the rear axle with 295/30-pin pneus.

The Rare Munchner is in "Frozen Dark Silver Metallic" lacquered. Various exterior parts are black chromed, also has one "30 years M5"-Plaque at the front female flying on the peculiarity of the model. Interior "30 years M5"-Lettering in the front door sills and a plaque with continuous numbering on the special model. A "30 years M5"-Logo is also found on the backrests of the front M multifunction and the back seats. All are related to an Alcantara leather combination in black. A surround sound system with 16 speakers lets the customer only the choice between a system of Harman Kardon with 600 watts or BangOlufsen high-end surround sound system with 1200 watts. How much the exclusive BMW costs has not been communicated. The normal series M5 with 560 hp is from 103.To have 500 euros.

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