Osterreich wants to conflict border controls on 12 other ubergangen

Border management is stomparent with policemen and soldiers. The destroy ideal case is a domino effect near countries on the Balkan route

The Plan A does not work, so Easter Rich’s government is now on Plan B, securing national boundaries. In it, the Easter-rich head of government Faymann (SPO) and his Vice-Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner aged by the OVP.

Plan A is "A pious wish" and Plan B should result in an awkward domino effect: that other Lander follow. In the meant, Slovenia, with whose government, wants to agree the Viennese guided by Wednesday on daily quotas. Chain reactions of the other states on the Balkan route should follow.

Border security is the bid of the hour – in Austria and also along the Balkan route.

Werner Faymann

With Plan A, the project is meant, which is linked to the German Chancellor Merkel: a pan-European solution, which on the one hand puts on the fact that Turkey is perceiving its task as an outdoor boundary range and the "Willige Lander" be prepared to decrease certain quotas.

Austria, which paid for a long time to the informal so-called coalition of the willing, has now reoriented: Auber the transition to Slovenia at the playing field should be designed to be aft to be controlled, "Solidly controlled".

The word "solid" falls positively in connection with border management, like a punch tree. He has the burner "massive in the eye", The Defense Minister Doskozil is reproduced from the standard.

The specified pattern is a strict border management as in the field. but "Container, mobile locking catches and a nearly four kilometers long, firmly installed fence" (BR) can not be set up everywhere and not so fast.

So four are four "Lines" provided, as the FAZ correspondent from Vienna says: "Observation already before the border inelectively obstacle to entry; Control of vehicles and persons; Preparation of deployment penalty, if necessary ‘forcibly advanced persons or groups of persons’ to prevent entry; and controls in the hinterland."

(Supplement: According to the Interior Minister Mikl-Leitner, different structural maps of containers should follow up to other border tunes. Barriers should be possible to be converted to the following: Bad Radkersburg, Langegg, Karawankentunnel, Lavamund, Bleiburg Grave, Thorl Maglery, Sillian, Brenner Bundesstrabe, Burner Highway, Nauders-Reschenpass, Nickelsdorf and Heiligeskreuz).

There is more police officers and men who set the Ministry of Defense, the federal armor is supposed to help the Grunen border.

Conceptually, the plan goes very far. As mitterlehner is quoted, additional safety powers, policemen such as soldiers, the "Total grune border to Hungary, Slovenia and Italy extra monitor". The ideal case looks like the vice chancellor so that "a state after another along the Balkan route the entry is throttled" and then "in agreement only so many people are transmitted, as in Austria, according to the upper limit opportunity to take up".

Whether that when the winter disappears – currently several hundred can get up to about 1.000 Escape the day after Austria – also works in practice, is important. Now the signal, the revidation of the Mercelian announcement, is more important.

In order to promote the ineuropane discussion, the discussion in the Balkanandermen accordingly. Alone the discussion of the discussion causes exactly this conflict, and this dispute is also necessary.

Reinhold Mitterlehner

The Vice Chancellor wants "Clear signals to the outside", In social networks, "To prevent the impression of a welcome policy again".

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