Online workshop: compact entry into python

Online Workshop: Compact entry into Python

Python has developed into one of the most popular programming languages on three decades, which is used in numerous fields of application of web programming, data science, machine learning and testing to devops tooling. Python is considered easy to learn and versatile.

The practical and interactively applied online course "Compact entry into Python" leads into the most important core elements and the handling of the programming language. Participants will not only get to know the most important basic functions, objects and data types, but also receive a lookout of the numerous touching libraries, and experienced which tools should not be missing in practical work with Python.

The workshop will take place on 16. April on the conference platform of Enterpy 2021 instead. The browser-based system does not require any additional software. Participants during the course have the opportunity to exchange themselves with the speaker and also with each other by chat and video. The course initiates Rainer Grimm, who is intensively committed to Python and C ++ and is a passionate of knowledge transfer.

  • Compact entry into Python, Onlinekurs, 16.04.2021: Further information and registration
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