On the way in the new mercedes s 63 amg with 571 hp

On the way in the new mercedes s 63 amg with 571 hp

Malmsheim, 21. July 2010 – Even in the upper class, the fuel consumption is now a top topic: Although you can ame that customers, the 150.000 Euro and more for a sporty limousine jump, even the necessary small change for refueling. But SpritFresser’s poison for the image of each carmaker, and state regulations on fleet consumption or CO2 outstands carry their part helps to be the gross drinking behavior. This is how the new version of the Mercedes S 63 AMG is the topic of efficiency in top. At our exit in the variant with Performance Package and 571 hp, we were able to make a picture of the latest generation of assistant system, which offers Mercedes currently.

Focus on consumption reduction

In the current version of the S 63 AMG works a V8 without charging with 6.2 liters capacity and a capacity of 525 hp. In combination with the Serial Mabigen 7G-Tronic, the car consumes 14.4 liters of gas to 100 kilometers. The new variant whose market import takes place at the end of September 2010 also has a V8, but one with charging and less displacement: it is a 5.5-liter biturbomotor with 541 hp or in the high performance variant driven even 571 hp – where a high boost prere Essential for the additional power. The engine is coupled to the new MCT gearbox, which is known from the SL 63 AMG already introduced in 2008 and from the E 63 AMG. The standard consumption drops to 10.5 liters. The bottom line is 9 percent more power and 27 percent less consumption.

Direct injection and MCT automatic

For this increase in efficiency, on the one hand, the change from a suction motor contributes to a turbo unit with less capacity – wherein in the relevant displacement values of Downsizing can be spoken at a very high level – and the second injection technique at: Mercedes used for the first time a beam-fused benzine direct injection using piezo-injectors. The MCT transmission also has its share of the cutting. It has seven goals like the 7g Tronic. However, the convimate torque converter is replaced by a wet approach clutch, which helps to save fuel.

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