The for the Iraqi Oiltern Ministry stated American "advisor" Self-conflicts of interest and suggests a privatization of the industry as well as a breakdown of Iraq from the OPEC

If there is no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, at least the OL, but that it is not known to have not gone. That’s how to emphasize the Iraqi people from the US government, which is why the sanctions must be lifted as soon as possible. Of the "advisor", However, the Pentagon has set to the top of the Iraqi Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of Erol, however, above whether the Iraq should not break from the OPEC – of course only to serve the Iraqi people.

The Allied winners in Iraq were obviously in the view despite all other information in Iraq. Right at the beginning, the Oldol fields were secured, in Baghdad, the Oilfire Ministry of Bombs was spared and made with tanks before plunders, which was known not to say from all other institutions ("Happens"To).

Even before the war, Halliburton – Viceprasident Cheney was known to be the commission of the Group’s current political office of the Group – without tendering to loose burning olpsters (the winners of the war). Father became known that the order also includes the inspection and repair of Iraqi eruments, which give a billion-heavy order. But already in the context of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the US Army has paid $ 425 million to KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton, $ 425 million (war is good for business).

Now that the former US General Garner, Prasident of SY Technology, manufacturers of software for missiles and missile defense systems, ie also for precision rakets, was deducted as the highest administrator from the Hardliner Paul Bremer, the "Terrorist expert" Director of the after the 11.9. was founded Marsh Crisis Consulting, one seems to be one of the opinion, but rather long want to keep the tin in one’s own hands. Possibly quickly, you want to give the land to Iraqis, threw it all always, but after the liberated does not necessarily want to go into the desired direction, conflicts between groups in mind and still rule rough chaos and equally rough dissatisfaction, one wants to initially permanently permeate, one "transaction management" instead of the first promised "transition government" set up. The at least Kerne Bremen and the British diplomat John Sawers on the weekend.

The consultant for the Ministry of Oiles

A crucial item in the "transaction management" has the "advisor" of the Iraqi Olmount, which, however, shall conduct the ministry by occupying the places. The Iraq is known to know the second degree of oilfores in the world, before the sanctions was Erol the almost exclusive export product and made the country before Hussein began the long war with Iran and put in my own pocket, relatively well-held. The election of the Pentagon fell on Philip Carroll, a man who was as an expert like US Prassident Bush from Texas was Prassident of the Shell Oil Company and finally stood with a well-doped contract at the top of the service company Fluor Corporation.

Fluorus was considered in addition to Halliburton and a few other USED companies for the first recovery decreases. Even if this contracted contract has finally went to Bechtel, Fluor has formed a joint venture with the British company AMEC to join the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for a contract on several billion dollars to apply. The order has to do with the restoration and modernization of the maturity requirement.

Carroll in itself, that it is quite a conflict of conflict that it is quite a conflict, he concludes not only a million dollars of the Group, but also has a million shares that are worth 30 million dollars. Of the "advisor" However, it ares that with his staff, he only wants to work out the plan for the future and would have nothing to do with any toleration. Nothes are not interested in money. The money that will come from the Orol after the sanctions are canceled, so he ames, only to come to Iraq himself. As long as the occupying power rule, the money flees into a trust fund, from which only humanitarian services and recovery losses were paid. But then the corporations of the winning power can benefit directly, for example, the fluoror Corporation, whose VicePrasident Kenneth Oscar comes randomly from the Pentagon. But may also work on the planning that Carroll is working out for the future of Iraqi Errol.

The plans

As an idea, Carroll has, which already discussed in the war as an intention of the US government before the war (Ol-Junkies on War Current), is now launched that the Iraq from the OPEC KNAns to the world market without restriction. to be able to accelerate the reconstruction. Iraq, as early as Iraq, has already made a reasonably out of national interest. If Iraq was able to maintain the market with OROLOL without OPEC quotas, not only the country has been taken more money, but also the prices for the Erdol were sinking, which benefits the US, the worldwide by far consumer, the other oil producing countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Russia or Venezuela but smaller profits brought.

The state-owned oil industry had to be awarded under Hussein to States such as Russia or France, for example, for the demand or the modernization of production. Carroll is crucial here with advisely, which contract is declared as void or which may "In the best interest of Iraqi people" could be continued. This was also allowed to be a possibility to influence the decision in the UN Security Council.

However, Carroll will also be able to work out planes, as the state oil industry can be privatized and should. However, all options should be offered to make a decision, including a further authorization of the state model, but Carroll expand its advisory role in so far as he points out that "Highly centralized models are not always as effective as they should be. They tend to corruption." However, a strong privatization could drop the OL in the hands of a few people who become a billionar, during the country there is hardly anything. He said he is not sure if the Iraqis finally "American model", Say: The complete privatization, elections were. As you can see in the US government, this would not guarantee that that a fine government is free from the influence of the economy. Nevertheless, he depends at least from a partial privatization, from which the American corporations could benefit directly.

Maybe the Iraqi Errol does not cover the cost of reconstruction

But may not vote all the bills or hopes that the Allies for their liberation field has made. Especially the Iraq equipped with Urol should soon have enough money to finance the reconstruction itself and thus become independent of financial support. However, according to the calculations of the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs, as the Observer reported, the country was still expensive to stand the riders, if not more standing with funds.

The Iraqi oiling industry has been outdated since the embargo or soon no longer use. There could be a lot of time and require a lot of money to rebuild so far that Iraq will have a lot of fun. According to the Spanish calculations, for the reconstruction, the previously appreciated 41 billion dollars are not far from, but at least twice as much money will be necessary in the next 10 years – after some treasures, it could even be up to 250 billion. But Iraq still has liabilities – possibly up to 350 billion dollars – which consist of Kuwait’s rough part from reparation payments. In 2002, Iraq demanded just 13 billion dollars ol, which will not be able to create at least this year. The American Congress has granted only 2.5 billion dollars for reconstruction. Although the financial ministers agreed on the G-8 summit, the debts to hours, but to do without them, as the US government is doing, do not want France, Russia, Germany and Japan.

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