Officially confirmed: no russian influence of the election result

Officially confirmed: no Russian influence of the election result

Secret Services, FBI and Democrats had warned against Russian campaigns, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency did not establish foreign action

Meanwhile, it has already become ritual that before elections in the western countries of Russian manipulation is warned. In the US, this did not leave the premium elections from the government – Donald Trump is subordinate to a close to Putin and some believe he won the last choice with the help of Russian influencing and hack campaigns – but from FBI and the secret services as well as the Democrats. Trump has again stiffened months ago, the media of the information and the Democrats or the media. to subordinate the Deep State, they were trying to victory him "steal".

Joe Biden warned accordingly in August, he will "a foreign affection" of choice as "enemy action" treat the respective state with corresponding consequences for this. Previously, Democratic Members had sent an open letter to FBI boss wray and asked them to inform all the members of the congress on the counter-declaration of foreign election settlement. One is worried that the congress is a goal of a "Concerted foreign campaign" seems to be. It should be influenced with disinformation of the congress and the choice.

In the pot the intelligence services, which reported a secret report of Russian tarpaulins to the election setting in an end to august media. This was controlled – underneath, it is apparently not or corresponds to hidden remedy hot-remedy fantasies – "probably" Direct from Vladimir Putin (US intelligence report: Putin should control the US Prassidal Election campaign).

Refer to the alleged hack in the servers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the publication of emails by Wikileaks. This supposedly should Hillary Clinton Geachadet and Donald Trump helped. A coarse part of the information about the alleged hack, the "Russiagate" Applies to the Cybersecurity company Crowdstrike Back. And it was the company that examined the DNC server is not the FBI that had no direct access, but only "images" obtained. Shawn Henry, Crowdstrike boss, had on 5. December 2017 Under Eid the intelligence service jack of the Reprused Antenna house admitted that you could observe that APT29 has been in the system since 2015, but that data has been deducted, you have no "Direct evidence", but only indications and courage. So there is no proof that the Russian hackers have stolen the emails, and not even that they were stolen unauthorized. This became known only in May 2020, but also that prevents almost nobody who spreads the Hackstory – in the style of Trump – unanswered.

Before staying abroad, there was a fear of choice

Of course, even shortly before the election warnings before Russian campaigns were widespread and asymmetric war carrying, especially in the case of short election exit. It seems to be that the Russians no longer prefer any candidates, but want to undermine the intex rate of choice. Sometimes one wonders in which country the alleged security experts live. "If it is scarce when choosing, you have to expect much noise over fraud and wrong payouts. That will always happen, but the Russians will be overturned", said about James Lewis from the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

It became foreign to the FBI at the end of October "Making allegations of electoral subscription, highlighted reports on real or alleged cyber attacks on the election infrastructure, assist in electoral or voting votes and spread other information to convince the openness of the rightlessness of choice".

However, it does not need a dark foreign or a Boses Russia, the American Prasident also worries all alone and on open bean. That disinformation and the substrate of democratic institutions with Trump have penetrated into the heart of the American political system, but does not seem to be critical reflection, but conspiracy theories of foreign machinations. The Bose always comes from the outside.

CISA: No evidence of intervention in the election by a foreign opponent

For surprisingly, Christopher Krebs, the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) established by Trump 2018, came a day after choosing the explanation: "We have no evidence that a foreign opponent could prevent the Americans on elections or manipulated election results". Of course, you could also consider whether cancer said the Donald Trump Liebe, who is more likely to accuse his domestic opponents, the Democrats, Left or Antifa, to steal him the choice as foreign. But indirectly, CISA continues to strike at the narrative by saying it was only so good to use all the capacities, the safety of choice in front of the lurking "Bastic opponents" guarantee.

And it goes on with the guideline "Foreign attempts to foreign elections", Although they go out primarily from the still-US prassides and his appendages themselves, Trump Jr. spoke already "total war" About the choice to reveal the alleged scam without calling the Missants by name. Curios is when CISA is the American population "Latest defense line against foreign affection" explains if trump is just just losing, the election results question – with suggestion, votes were stolen or otherwise manipulated without referring to foreigners.

We Will Remain Vigilant For Any Attempts by Foreign Actors to Target Or Disrupt The Ongoing Vote Counting and Final Certification of Results. The American People Are The Last Line Of Defense Against Foreign Influence Efforts And We Encourage Continued Patience In The Coming Days And Weeks. Keep Calm, Continue to Look To Your State and Local Election Officials for Trusted Information on Election Results.


For election, CISA has also created a fact check against the reigning Prasident. In it, it is called u.a.:

Reality: Robust SafeGuards Including Canvassing and Auditing Procedures Help Ensure The Accuracy of Official Election Results. Rumor: A Bad Actor Could Change Election Results Without Detection.

Reality: ELECTION Results Reporting May Occur More Slowly Than Prior Years. This does not indicate there is any problem with the Counting Process Or Results. Official Results Are Not Certified Until All Validly Cast Ballots Have Been Counted, Including Ballots That Are Counted After Election Night. Rumor: IF Results As Reported on Election Night Change Over The Ensuing Days Or Weeks, The Process Is Hacked Or Compromised, So I Can not Trust The Results.

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