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A memorandum of the FBI

Theodor Kaczynski, who is commonly named indepacted, began with his bomb remorse in 1978 and became the most wanted terrorist of the USA. Three people died at his attacks, 22 were injured. In 1996 he could be taken through a hint of his brother and on 22. January 1998, the 55-year former math professor acquainted itself as guilty and entered a lifelong prison sentence. The process failed to be carried out and Kaczinski probably escaped the stigmatization as a mentally ill. Now, however, the prosecutor published a memorandum of 30 pages to show that it was not politically motivated, but that he wanted to die out of personal motivation out. The memorandum is supposed to demonstrate the credibility of the evidence that the FBI had submitted when it came to a process.

So far, above all Kaczinski’s extensive manifest, whose part of which he compensated by the threat of bombing and in which he tried to legitimize his deeds through the criticism of scientific and technical civilization, which the lives of people dangerous.

In the now published texts, another became obvious, which is already sudden to revenge – for what? – Durstete and his motives, techniques and planning comments in his diarys and records, which were partially closed. So he seemed clearly a little regret about the suffering of his victims, even if it had caught the wrong, and asserted himself when his bombs did not have the expected effect.

I’m emigrating that my motivation is personal revenge. I do not intend to have some kind of philosophical or moral justification … My wish is a scientist, a rough businessman, a government employee or someone similar to dead. I also liked a communist dead.

Theodor Kaczinski

First, he thought that he should kill someone and then kill himself to not be locked up. Father he saw the possibility to escape through precautions of the police. In 1980 he wrote: "Since I admit these crimes in my records, I feel better. I’m still full of anger, but the difference is now that I can now turn back to a degree." After his first dead bomb, on the Hugh Stratton died, he noted: "Excellent. A human approach to eliminate someone. Probably he noticed nothing at all. A reward of $ 25,000 is offered. Pretty exciting."

Nevertheless, the attempt is to influence the motifs of Kaczinski only on personal revenge, a little semi-poor. The task of the FBI is not to discuss and consider the reason for terrorist attack, to what extent they are politically translated, but the reduction of the universal to a Hauberfull killer machine, which only wanted to spread to death around, seems to be too simplifying. At least in 1971 wrote in 1971, that one would like to commit the anti-social deeds, as psychopaths: "Maybe some people will absorb that I’m driven by one of what happened to what is happening with freedom. But I know myself pretty good and believe that they are wrong with it."

His executions of that, that he only wanted personal revenge, can be read differently. At 6. For example, April 1976 he writes that he did not expect himself from his even planned act. Maybe he finds a little attention and lots of interest in the technological question before it is spat, but just as good can the "Enemies of freedom" to serve your Before "Control of human behavior" tough. He did not know if he is doing something good or bad for humanity: "Of course, I would like to throw myself throughout the scientific and burocratic establishment, but also to the Communists and those who threaten the freedom, but because that is impossible, I suppose with a little revenge."

Things are simply most complicated. No one is a pure psychopath or a cool killer machine, and everyone acts out of personal miles that are more or less explicitly stored. But by this memorandum, you want to lay the AD ACTA in itself – and thus probably any discussion about the background of the Luddism in a whole and even on technology and science-based information society.

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