Of the “hollen train” from france

Left Rhine reactions to Castor Transport: Scattered actions, the will to declare, but no rough protest wave

Yesterday, the "radioactive transport in the world" started from the North Franzosian Valognes to Germany. In the Wendland, scattered 30,000 transport opponents expect eleven wagons with nuclear power – in France, the protest fights, on the other hand, to be considered and perceived at all.

On its way through the city Caen, Amiens, Arras, Metz and Strabburg, the "Hollenzug" ("Train d’Enerfer") meets some confidently resistance. Thus, in the near Caen Funf nuclear power opponents (including a German) to the tracks and thus forced the train for about a good hour after departure for the first longest stop. According to the newspaper Le Parisia could the train continue at 19 o’clock.

But most of all, the French nuclear opponents are about to win the attention of the public for transport at all, "to make a larm" and "make travelers attracting attentive" from the pages of the anti-nuclear network Sortir du Nucleaire. That sounds abundantly mild, you think of the confidenced "record protest" in Germany.

Likewise, as in France against the arrangement of the maturities for nuclear particles is protested, they hoard there from nuclear transporary transport or even a repository problem. Accordingly, it has the French nuclear opponents: "We understand ourselves primarily as a whistleblower ‘- and want to draw attention to the attention to the atomic problem," explores campaign leader Charlotte Mijeon of Sortir du Nucleaire.

This is also urgent in France. Because the Castor was only in local newspapers until yesterday’s Friday and after all in a blog at Le Monde-Online a topic – but you have to look for it to be informed. The reactions to the Le moons blog say much about the basic mood: the journalists should finally stop taking panic, it’s been there, the radiation containers are well packed – so there was no reason to make a drama. That looks Greenpeace and the network Sortir du Nucleaire Naturally different.

The nuclear opponents want to come to the train even with measuring apparatus to check the official information about the radiation exposure: Trust is good, control is better. And to the mistrust, the activists have all the reason: they tried for weeks from the operator of the plant (AREVA) and the state security resistance ASN

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