Number of traffic totes continue jerking

Number of traffic totes continue jerking

Wiesbaden, 21. August 2008 – The positive trend in the traffic victim statistics for Germany continues: how the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) communicates, 2170 road users in the strain traffic were killed in Germany in the first half of 2008 in Germany – that was 298 people or 12 percent less than in corresponding comparing period of the previous year. With this clear racy, favorable development was also allowed to continue this year, is the forecast of Destatis.

Also decreased in the period from January to June 2008, the number of persons who have been severely violated in the event of suspension, by 7.7 percent to 194.600 against the first half of 2007. Overall, the police in the first six months of this year had to accommodate 1.1 million dust transactions, 2.8 percent less than from January to June 2007. At around 152.600 unpaid people came to harm (minus 7.3 percent) and about 951.400 unplugged property damage was created (minus 2.0 percent).

Regional differences

The number of seeds took part in the first half of 2007 only in Rhineland-Palatinate (plus 8 persons), in Bremen and Hamburg (plus each 1 person), in all other federal stations has decreased. Almost halved, the number of accident dots in Saarland, this has fallen by 44 percent to 19 people in the first half of 2008. Percentage strong decreases in the number of traffic totes were in particular in Berlin (minus 29 percent) and in Bavaria (minus 21 percent).

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