Number of driving bans since 1991 almost afraid

470.000 people in Germany have had to give their fuhroscale in 2009 because of traffic assassinous people – these are almost five times as many as 1991. Reason for the increase was above all the reunification, said on Tuesday the Prassident of the Federal Office Federal Office (KBA), Ekhard Zinke, in the presentation of the KBA Annual Report. In 1991, the first full year was evaluated with the new federal states. Especially until 1994, the numbers attracted. In addition, today per 1000 inhabitants more people have cars or motorcycle as early in the 1990s. Also, a driving ban – for example, when disregarding a red traffic light or at too fast driving – are promoted faster than 20 years ago. "We did not become a people of rasters", he stressed.

The number of pointless in Flensburg remained almost constant compared to 2008 compared to 2008. Almost 9 million people were on 1. January 2010 registered (plus 1.1 percent). Most of them were too fast driven. The number of authorized cars rose by 1.3 percent to 41.7 million. In 2009, 3.8 million cars were released – thanks to the scrapping program an increase of 23.2 percent against 2008.

The number of drug tasting including alcohol declined by around 10 percent in 2009. Nevertheless, more than 200 were still more than 200.000 offenses registered. The number of environmental zone surstaces released within one year. "This is also because there is much more environmental zones than earlier", Stressed zinke. Most of the clares were in 2009 in Bremen (10.300) and Frankfurt am Main (5100) punished. 418.000 points were distributed due to the calling at the wheel without speaking.

The points control should now be reformed. So far, a collected point does not expire if a new one comes within a certain time. "That is intransparent", said Zinke. For the traffic sake, it is difficult to understand how many points he has. The proposal of the KBA: the time until a point decreases, is required, for that they are after three, six or twelve years – depending on the off – definitely. "These are first thoughts on working level", Stressed zinke. The Federal Government must advise and decide on the point form.

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