Nuclear power and cereal reserves

The G8 summit in Japan docks at current topics with its symbol policy

For the globalization-critical Attac activist Alexis Passadakis, the verdict was fixed before the start of the G8 summit, which has been the bean since Monday in the North Japanese Lake Toya. There it goes to old recipes, and it was the old disaster. Passadakis was one of the few European summit critic who came to Japan. This is no wonder, there is no cheap flowing between Germany and Japan. If you do not have a promotional non-governmental organization in a joke, you can hardly afford a protest trip to Japan.

Nuclear power and cereal reserves

The Japanese government has chosen a modulatory visualization for the G8 summit

Surely Passadaki’s association of eternal summit allergen is not wrong. The globalization critics have already been brought with that on the peaks are not the decisive policy-making positions. Rather, it is about a rough-applied symbolic policy.

But which symbols go from the Japanese summit? In this regard, there are indeed some innovations. Because symbol events have been losing their value if they are simplified by real events. Thus, the current summit is under two keywords: the crisis of the energy, as it expresses itself in rising fuel prices, and the dancing crisis, which, especially in the countries of global Sudens, has guided for many substantial food prices and hunger revolts.

Energy and hunger crisis are linkest in globalized capitalism. The current discussion about the biosprit shows that very clearly. Driving donors make the boom of profitable biopflanes for the nutritional crisis significantly co-responsible. The EU environmental program still sees a coarse demand for the criticism for criticism. But it has not been long ago that leading environmental organizations in the fuel, which woke up in the fields, wanted to discover a milestone in terms of okology. The biosprit discourse shows that even in the summit-such accent shifts are possible the parole "stops the biosprit delusion" played on the central coarse demonstration of the summit opponents in Sapporo a central role.

Nuclear power and cereal reserves

"Social dinner" On the G8 summit. Bush acts bored, Merkel maintained stimulated with Barroso, Sarkozy flirts with Laura Bush

Hope for decelobalization

The combined energy and nutritional crisis has also raised new questions in other ways with parts of the broad-based globalization critics. If a detellationalization will not soon become bid of the hour, ask. In fact, the high fuel prices are increasingly burdening those industries instructed in globalized economy on long transport routes.

Now that the disadvantages of globalization sampled by globalization critics could come to bear. So far, the trail of a globalized economy argued that many consumers have become so cheap because new components of complicated electrical apparatus, but also yoghurt cups were produced in low-wages. Now the transport could become more expensive than the production and so the question comes to whether this worldwide production market soon stabs to natural limits. Attachment of the presentation of regional food production chains Fuhlen has been confirmed.

But such questions will not play a role on the summit at least especially. There you remain true to the ideas that the right technique already shows the solution from the crisis. So it happens that the question of the use of nuclear power in Japan plays important role. The summit even become a tribunal about the slow exit decided from the red-green government, reported the agencies. That Chancellor Merkel and its party belong to the decisive opponents of the decision that the Union has briefly explained, with the demand for further operation of akws in theest election campaign, is of course no coincidence. Symbol policy lives from the Minutios planned preparation.

The atomic lobbyists of the G8 states, including Germany, are well connected and have no financial problems. This showed up with a view of the FAZ of Monday. Immediately on the front page, commentator Reinhard Muller under the title Blodes Germany was the image of a head of government, which is isolated by the decision of the transaction government and the unreasonableness of its coalition partner in the AKW question worldwide.

Nuclear power and cereal reserves

Federal Chancellor and "Climate" Merkel is received upon arrival and declared bravely that the use of nuclear power does not "Paint music for the seriousness" In the fight against climate warming, how the environmental consultant of the woman’s house was formulated this.

Under the heading "Foreign Feathers", in the same FAZ edition of the Russian Director-General of the State Society for Atomic Energy Sergei Kiriyenko may operate its contribution to nuclear power lobbying. "Nuclear energy is not the only answer to the overcoming of this crisis (rising olpreise P.N.), but it is undoubtedly one of the most important instruments to loose the three mentioned problems of the G8 summit, "writes the supreme nuclear power functionar from the country, which has still not worked up the consequences of the Gaus of Chernobyl.

With the three problems that Kiriyenko wants to loose through more nuclear power use, in addition to the food and energy crisis, the global emphasis. In the Duktus of the Modernized Pro-AKW Propaganda, Kiriyenko also recognizes that, in addition to the nuclear power, renewable energies must be demanded. But their previous yield was back behind the expectations. That with the SPD veteran Erhard Eppler, a politician, who has discussed very early the Okology questionnaire, no longer eliminates langer AKW runtimes under certain conditions, shows the defensive of the nuclear opponents in Germany and also on a global level. Part of the symbolic policy of the Japanese summit should express this.

Exercise cereals

Another maaking of the leading industrialized countries is the establishment of a common system of food reserves. This will prevent strong price fluctuations in the market. Model is an olreserve under the care of the International Energy Agency as protection against sudden energy crises.

However, experts point out that one sees the causes of these energy crises, especially in unforeseen political events in leading oil-producing countries, z.B. The escalation of the conflict with Iran. The food crisis is not the result of such political events, but obeys very market mechanisms. An enlargement of the cereal reserves could even lead to a rise in prices after market viewpoints.

But such rational effects will not stop the politicians, such for the actual problem ineffective measures to be demonstrated. Finally, it’s about the symbolic action to make something and to show up. The effects but will not get tracked when the summit is already over. The fact that the problems are probably not disappeared, but are partially aggravated, then falls in the area of the next summit, which can then demonstrate with new as well as doubtful measures.

This shows a small backlog at the G8 summit in 2005 in Scotland (poverty is not in the story) and in 2007 in Heiligendamm (the "Huge success" from Merkel). On them, the inviting head of state successfully understood to represent as a maker, which also absorbs the concerns and concerns of the summit critic. In Scotland, it was the topic of hunger in the world, which effectively stomps from busy showstars like bono from the host Toni Blair was understood as an order to make hunger for history. Two years later in Heiligendamm, a visibly frustrated bono tried to make the hostess Merkel again clearly that the policy is in demand. But this message had her spind watches before. Here it was the global embracing that Merkel has recognized as a central problem.

The quite not only ironic Titulierung as climate queues also makes the lap in some NGO circles and gave the German Chancellor worldwide recognition. Merkel, when it comes to the interests of the German auto industry, to minimize the CO2 values together with their French counterparts, was stressed by environmental organizations, but has only marginalized at Merkel’s Environmental Image. So it is not surprising that neither the environment nor in world hunger policy has changed significantly.

On the contrary, the G8 states have not just not filled their promises in the fight against hunger and poverty. While the world of the holiday crisis has encouraged the hunger problem in many states of global Suden, even the possibility that the coarse industrial nations in Japan would be back to their early commitments. Of the $ 50 billion promised in Scotland in 2005 for poverty fighting, 40 billion dollars are still missing after 3 years, reported a UN committee that guarantees compliance with commitments.

Some loved enemy images of German globalization critics are placed on the test. Because the gladly directed USA have largely maintained their financial commitments. Bush stressed that the fight against poverty in Japan against the environmental protection can not be banished in second place. For this purpose, it is certainly contributed that around the African market, China and India are arguing, while the US has been largely backed up there.

Bad censors from NGO Oxfam received what compliance with the commitments to poverty fighting, in addition to Japan and France also Germany. From the target mark to direct 0.5 percent of the gross national product in means of poverty vaccination, Germany is far away. At this balance sheet can also no longer before the summit media-effective and after massive lobbying of numerous NGOs adopted any increase in the funds for development cooperation.

Not only the conflicts around the funds for Africa show that it ultimately are economic reasons that the politicians move to mails. This was also clear than was known on the edge of the G8 summit that US Prasident Bush will drive to the opening of the Olympiad after Beijing. Since free-Tibet initiatives around the world are still so loud demanding an Olympicuboycott and praise the Dalai Lama high, the leading US politicians know that in China is now the coarse part of the dollar reserves and that the country is therefore to be treated in court. For the MoralIsAure Tibet campaign, the lower politary batches are responsible. This division of labor is might not even so bad in the face of the dubious arguments of free-Tibet friends.

Nuclear power and cereal reserves

Weak protests

No peak without his critics, this also shows up in Japan again. As in other peaks in recent years there is again a division of labor. A coarse part of the NGO scene, of course, wants to harvest the chamfer of her lobby work, organizes press recenses, opposing summit and other events to attract attention and to remember the powerful and again that they are losing their believability, have already lost, have already lost,. to lose again threaten.

The NGOs have developed, according to the association of leadership political scientists, has already developed in political operations. This is a protest scene, which wants to use the summit to a general criticism in the relation and is not satisfied with some detailed questions.

Even more than last year in Heiligendamm, there is a precarious cooperation in Japan. Since both the NGO and the protest scene in Japan is rather small, one was more relied on the cooperation. The approximately 5000 participants on the central start-up demonstration show the weak of the protest movement. In Rostock it was at least five fun times for the start of the Heiligendamm protests. The support of Expanded was limited because of the situation of the summit location. For security, German and Japanese investigations have already exchanged the data from known globalization critics years ago, which at least in one case leaded to an entry ban. From first arrests of demonstrators and journalists is reported. Suitable can be found updated news.

Although certainly further arrests will be followed in the next few days, the Japanese G8 summit was not allowed to reach the recession balance of the Genoa summit in 2001. Already ask for courier globalization critics, whether that is also valid for the G8 summit in the next year. This will take place again in Italy and is expected to be Berlusconi then as before 2001 Minister Prosident.

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