Now the race starts

Wal-Mart, the world’s larger retailer, has opened an online shop for music

For far too long, the music industry had been waiting for the exchange trolley to oppose its own offers on the web. However, the commercial offers such as iTunes or the resurrected Napster are more varied and also cheaper. This development could now accelerate again.

Yesterday, Wal-Mart, the largest retail company in the world, launched a test in the US with its own online music offer. And if such a giant is starting, then he naturally undercuts the previously achieved brand of 99 cents per downloaded stucco to extend the competition. Wal-Mart cooperates for its online shop with Liquid Digital Media.

For 88 cents so you can do each of the songs offered, hundreds of thousands should be downloaded in Windows Media Audio format when you have a Windows computer. In addition, the song can then be stored on two other computers. Any often, the "CD-Quality Music That Is Legal and Safe" On portable players can be exercised – and you can even burn each piece 10 times on a CD. The latter undercuts, for example, iTunes, however is Wal-Mart cheaper. And the race has just started. Nest of year, Microsoft also wants to come to it.

However, one now wants to test the acceptance with the customers and their wishes in order to be really roughly rough in the spring of 2004. Allegedly, 64 percent of all Wal-Mart customers in the US have internet access.

With Wal-Mart the online market was allowed to move. The fight with the exchange bolts will in the future be less new laws and prosecution, but rather well-capitalist and market economy, namely the quality of the offers and the price. Probably downloads must be significantly cheaper – and also on the rights of the buyer in Digital Restriction Management, which also has to become the Digital Rights Managment for customers, could not be spoken by no means the last word.

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