Not only the new york times in need

Two out of three US burgers have no more trust in the quality of American journalism, after reporters of the "The New York Times" be in trouble

Reporter Rick Bragg, a Pulitzer Prize Trager, admitted that in the previous year, he gained a wizard for a report on oyster fishermen. His one-day flying visit in Miami handed him to verify the multi-day research of his Youngfellow. Without grid investigation, the procedure has remained hidden. But the World of New York Times (NYT) came into disorder through the realization that a 27-year reporter, Jayson Blair, apparently knitted from the beginning his articles at the desk of his apartment (the fake journalism). Without having to be at the places of his reports, he used the local part of other newspapers as a source and expressed imaginative what to believe in his style.

In retrospect, the New York Times is called, not so uncertain disagreements. This could be the view over the free field that did not exist or were the names of neighbors of those affected, the Auber Jayson Blair knew no. In addition, complaints about plagiarism, which make the leaf read by Journalist colleagues, bring the proof short legs to the light of the openness. 36 of 70 articles were fabricated, was a 20-headed committee of the NYT. The dark-skinned journalist came, so Muty Howard Kurtz from Washington Post, the role of a showcase-Negro to which his supervisors therefore suggest much.

Against this background, Rick Bragg caught, because the publishers not only finger the articles Jayson Blairs, but other complaints about discrepancies in the reports of their reporters. Rick Bragg confessed that he brought about 15 stories with the help of his assistant. Meanwhile, Rick Bragg acknowledged his job at the New York Times.

Gary white from the "Business Week" has reason for Rick Bragg, because it was the most important task of the journalist to find out if his source says the truth. Different the behavior of Jayson Blair. His behavior does not differ from the surfaces on the Wallstreet, where the brokers are young, charming and immoral. That the stumpled journalist also in the "The New York Observer" It comes to word and thus brags how he killed the New York Times is nest bond. "Blair," That’s how Gary says white, "Goods better in the criminals from Wall Street canceled. That’s bad blair was not a journalist at All."

The Washington Post brought nearly 30 entries on the explosive topic since mid-May. "The New York Times sets the standard", Write Michael Kinsley, "Therefore, it is not damages, but alarming." Has been around for 152 years "The New York Times" an institution. She stands after "USA Today" and "Wall Street Journal" On 3rd place of the leading American daily newspapers (year 2001) with a circulation of 1.1 million specimens sold.

In fact, the New York Times Company achieves more than twice as many readers because of the "Boston Globe" and another 22 daily blood to the Group and fed from the head office. There are about 350 nationwide local newspapers taking over the contribution of the New York Times. The articles and comments are on the pulse of the time and personal compared to the messages of press agencies Reuters, Associated Press, U.a.. A solid research was the trademark of New York Times, for the 380 journalists tiant. The publisher of the "Rocky Mountain Press" For example, his readers have so far uncorritiously offered the superregional and international information. In a discussion with Jim teacher, he now acquainted that he has already painted a NYT post after Jayson Blair-Affare, because he did not believe him beloved.

In the United States, where the "Reader’s Digest" (12 million subscribers) by far to the most read magazine, for an emerging journalist, pay the public recognition of his writing style. The New York Times has long been the dough from which the Pulitzer winners are shaped. In the previous year alone, seven pricing of the New York Times came. Since the name of the house is decided in the newsroom, the NYT reporter is more open ears than the local reporter. On the other hand, there is a risk that insider information is deliberately launched by the government or congress deputies with a view to the potential audience. To find the right mix and the National and International Prasence of the New York Times keep the journalists under continuous stress. "The short deadlines," Howard HOWARD KURTZ suspected of Washington Post, "Make the reporters of New York Times."

Furthermore, the United States press is an inextricably branched network. Following the discussions that are now full of all the tours with the demand for the GroBreinemachen, the suspicion arouses that not only the New York Times is affected by malfunction. In the latest news from Jim Teacher, which pays for the few independent television philosters with their own broadcast, brought the discussion about the loss of trust of the population a well-known demand for days: more control by opposite check. An Ombudsman has to manufacture the criticism of articles systematized and the comparison with the logs may be based on the report.

Good journalists are artists of the word. The choice of words, the presentation of the arguments, the selection, all this generates in the sum a mood, even if it is continuously troubleable facts. The attentive reader woman in the merge with his other sources to distinguish very well, where the tenor of a leaf is.

Because objectivite is a double-edged sword, the solution is in the competing variety of reports. This means fewer closed presses and ideally the separation of print media, television and radio. How much the print media is associated, the outcry proves the events at the New York Times. Soon, the concentration of the American television market will shrink in a few rough. A law from the 60s, the small local channel protects, should be tilted this year (in the US, the media concentration should be required).

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