Nosql database mongodb receives new shell and stable drivers for swift and rust

NOSQL database MONGODB Receives new shell and stable drivers for Swift and Rust

The document-oriented NOSQL database MONGODB is a completely renewed Shell (Monogsh) with new features. At the same time, with the freely scalable database name-equal companies, the stable versions of the official Mongodb drivers for Swift and Rust is conceded. The qualification falls together with the 9. until 10. June 2020 Ongoing web conference Mongodb World.

New shell on node.JS REPL FUR THE MONGODB

MongoDB receives a new shell that is to be expandable and – in addition to the usual use of the terminal – in other products such as Mongodb for Visual Studio Code should be embedded. Developers should decide according to the release notes, whether they integrate the shell completely or only partially into their development environment. The new shell builds on the node.JS REPL up and is well able to run scripts. Handling the command line has modernized the team behind the database and extended by four new nuclear features: the auto-resistant, a context help for shell classes and commands as well as detailed error messages are new, and for better readability, the syntax can now be highlighted (syntax highlighting To).

NOSQL database MONGODB Receives new shell and stable drivers for Swift and Rust

Screenshot of the new Mongodb Shell, which on Node.JS REPL based

Major Release 1.0 for the Mongodb Swift Driver

The team around Kaitlin Mahar, in turn, has presented the production-ready version of the Mongodb Driver for Swift, where it had worked since 2018 – originally used as Mongodb Mobile on iOS, from 2019 as a result of the use of the manufacturer of mobile databases Realm by MongoDB then focused on Servers-side applications in Swift. The new driver supports according to the blog entry with Swifty APIs "Everything from BSON Uber Change Streams and Aggregation to Connecting Pooling, Application Performance Monitoring and Automatic Repeating Failed Commands". Minimum requirement for installation is Swift version 5.1, the new driver is apparently compatible with all MONGODB outputs from version 3.6. The complete interface can be seen in the documentation area at Mongodb.

Stable driver also for rust

Developer Sam Rossi and team have the stable version 1 synchronously to the release of the new shell and the SWIFT driver.0 of the official Rust driver for MongoDB. The driver for Rust supports according to the blog entry MONGODB version 3.6. The prelude had the project in December 2019, the core element of the major release are the now stable interfaces including the Async / Sync-APIs and the BSON API, which the driver from the Rust-BSON library has taken over. The use of the new driver requires no changes to the code of existing applications. The Release Notes explain how to try out the driver, provide deepening insight into the history of development and drove into the use of the Sync API.

Further information and resources

The current releases are the last innovations under the Agide of the Outgoing CTO and Mitbinder Eliot Horowitz, which according to a blog entry from Marz to the 10. JULY 2020 wants to bring back from the established project ("Databases came to him in the way", Message heise developerTo). The Mongodb team should take the further development in their own.

The new Mongodb Shell is the easiest way to install the download center of MongoDB. The new driver for SWIFT is available for download on GitHub. Also on Github is the for rust. Further information can be found in the three separately published claims for the Mongodb Shell as well as to the releases of the driver for SWIFT and the driver for Rust. Mongodb can also download interested parties in the heise download area.

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