Northern syria: al-bab – turkish mission failed

Northern Syria: Al-Bab - Turkish mission failed

Is attack on a Turkish tank at Al-Bab. Screenshot / Is-Propaganda Video

Turkey remains only the attempt to involve the influence of the Syrian Kurds in the north of Syria and to create a quasi-protectorate

The invasion of the Turkish troops in Al-Bab has failed for the time being. Unlike in Jarabulus on the Turkical border, the is the strategically important city no one does not leave anyone. The SDF and the Turkish troops try to conquer the city from different directions.

The Turkey releases the secondary-war showplace against the army of the "Democratic Federation North Syria", To weak the SDF. So Turkische Militars attacked the Christmas days of civilian residential buildings in the surrounding area of Kobanê.

In Jarablus, the population defends the occupation of the city through Turkish soldiers and their Islamist solder. At the end of December there were demonstrations in the city. The population calls for the abolition of the siege and transfer of the managed to the civil committees and local structures. So far, the Turkey refused to comply.

Heavy losses for the Turkish army

In the fight for Al-Bab, Turkey has recorded heavy losses. Two soldiers were burned from IS with a lively body, 14 Turkish soldiers were killed in fighting.

The moral of Turkish troops (TAF / TSK) is on the ground. After the losses in Al-Bab, many soldiers have acknowledged their service, including soldiers of the special unit Bordo Bereliler. This reports Ahmet Takan, correspondent in Ankara for the Turkish daily Yenicag.

According to Takan, it is well-trained elite units, which also in the Kurdish city of Diyarbakir-sur (Kurd.: Amed-sur), silopi (Kurd.: Silopiya), Cizre (Kurd.: Cizîr) and Sırnak (Kurd.: Sirnex) Cruel operations performed. Just think of the 90 civilians who burned in Cizre in the warehouses of the Turkish militar on fire on the living body.

Demoralized FSA units

The correspondent further reported that the IS is in possession of large quantities in the Turkey of produced weapons. A Turkish officer reported that the IS in addition to underground bunkers and stores also via a wide variety of production in the US and Russia – except aircraft weapons.

The units of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) associated with the Turkish troops are also demoralized and dispelled with each other. It even came to fighting with each other in the city of Azaz, where dozens of campers of the various FSA units were killed. After her defeat in Aleppo, the different factions of the FSA can be betrayed by the Turkey.

Those FSA units that have steamed in Aleppo throw the Turkish FSA units, they for "100 dollars sold".

Measuring the interests in Northern Syria

In fact, the impression on the Turkey had sold Aleppo to get that more important Al-BAB for it. The developments and the media-widespread comments are currently so rapidly that it is hardly possible to provide a sound analysis.

But one has become clear: in Aleppo, the Islamist groups supported by Turkey have lost the decisive battle against the Syrian regime and Russia as the Al-Nusra front and parts of the FSA. And the main goal of Turkey, Assad to sturz, is from the table.

Turkey remains only the attempt to involve the influence of the Syrian Kurds in the north of Syria and to create a quasi-protectorate in which Turkmen, Chechens and Arab clans lay down on Kurdish territory. The Orientation of the United States under Prasident Donald Trump in Syria policy is still very nebulos.

It can be doubted that the new employees have a differentiated overview of the samples in Syria. Trump itself is only interested in placards, publicly effective messages, details are unimportant. The transitional period of the change in power in the US has a direct impact on the Syrian policy through disease and opposed opinions.

It is also unclear the further policy of the Syrian government in relation to North Syria. The Syrian Prasident Bashar Al Assad has already begun that the "Democratic Federation North Syria – Rojava" Only a transitional solution can be. The Kurds had exploited the absence of the state to build their own structures. The Syrian emphasis will allow a Foderales system.

The adviser of Minister Prosident Assad, Abdulkadir Aziz, explained in an interview with the Kurdish Iraqi news agency Rudaw, that the government was the Kurds in the fight against IS "support" were, but the introduction of cantons met a referendum.

Salih Muslim, Co-Chairman of the Party of the Democratic Union (PYD) considered that Kurdish parties do not want to share Syria and had no interest in fighting Damascus. He contradicted the drawing that Rojava was a splintered part of Syria:

Rojava is part of the Syrian revolution, part of a democratic folder Syria. … we have a project for all in Syria – a democratic, federal and decentralized Syria. We are ready to discuss this with everyone, the Alawites, Drusen, Sunnis and all others. This is the Syria we strive for.

Salih Muslim, Pyd

Salih Muslim bounded that Syria breaks down, Assad should be attached to the old system. This can only be made by building a "Decentralized, democratic and sacular system" Conversely, the co-chairman of the PYD explained.

Russia as an intermediary between Syrian government and Kurds

Now has now offered Russia as an intermediary and talked on the Russian military object Hmeimim with both parties. 24 Kurdish parties were invited to the parties from Rojava also other their participation. That of the Iraqi Government Barzanis covenant Enks, which is considered "Kurdish National Council" understands his participation.

Murat Karayilan, Executive Council member of the Kurdish National Congress (KCK), Rooms Assad a rough chance to bring a democratization process on the way. He was able to hit the way of a codation or other administration form with local self-governments so as to establish a democratic system in the country.

Assad should go with all groups, Auber Al-Nusra and the IS, in dialogue to find a democratic solution for the Various State of Syria. Thus, many problems in the country were solved, Karayilan said.

But if the old Patterns of the Father of Bashar Al Assad are going on, stands in the stars. Because these are ruling in the background with and brakes Assad in his reform efforts.

about Russia’s role between Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and the Turkey can only be speculated. Russia has agreed with the Turkey of Daruber, that the cantons of Afrin and Kobanê of the "Democratic Federation North Syria – Rojava" Not connected to each other and therefore they support the turkey around Al-BAB?

The deal of Turkey was to drop the Islamist units in Aleppo to concentrate with Russian support on Albab? In the Turkey, the Islamists were allowed to worry about the Islamists, because they sat down on the turkey’s almond plan, the influence area in northern Syria to Aleppo, and expanded in Northern Iraq to Kirkuk.

In recent months, Turkish troops and the IS and other Islamist groups have switched off, the westernmost canton of Afrin "Democratic Federation North Syria – Rojava" attack. Many Kurdish and Arab families have fallen into this canton and surrounded by the surrounding Aleppos.

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