Newspaper: opel wants to accelerate job cuts in bochum

In the negotiations on the degradation of 1200 workplaces in the Bochum Opel plant, the manager penetrates a quick solution. Target is it until 1. May 2011 to find an agreement on the job enrollment planned by the end of the year, an Opel spokesman said on Friday in Bochum. Operating responsibilities KONNE the business management does not notice. However, the goods the last resort, said the speaker. The new Opel boss Karl-Friedrich Stracke has after his planned service in early April a "particularly unpleasant" first task: "The Opel Mother General Motors demands from Stracke, to 1. May 1200 employees in Bochum to know ", reports the newspaper Rheinische Post on Friday.

This representation Wies Opel spokesman Andreas Kromer back on Friday in Russelsheim: "The numbers have been known since a year, there are no additional job deletions in Bochum."There are no speech that GM Stracke put the pistol put on the chest and demanded immediate unanswered. Streaks to 1. April CEO of Adam Opel AG will be. The North Hesse Lost the British Nick Reilly, which should change to the top of the Opel Supervisory Board.

As envisaged in the rehabilitation plan already presented at the beginning of 2010, 600 posts were reduced in the factory last year. This year will follow another 1200, said Kromer. However, Opel is unexpectedly difficult to find volunteers in Bochum, who want to leave the site – although the farewell with severance payments of up to 250.000 Euro should be exempted depending on the company’s right. The 300 offers for a change into the headquarters in Russelsheim does not find any encouragement – although here too a pram of up to 25.To lure 000 euros.

That’s why the division has called a settlement office. She is designed to work on the words of the Bochum speaker next Wednesday her work. It is filled with a neutral schlichter and three representatives of works council and business administration. In the case of a Patts, the impartial chairman decides. The aim is that until May 2011 a solution finds – ie in good time to realize the job reduction until the end of the year. "We have to customize our capacity in Bochum and renovate Opel. We have a staffup, "Kromer said. To renovate the carmaker, a total of 4800 digits are to be deleted in Germany, Europe 8000 of the former 48.000 workplaces. At the location in Bochum is currently manufactured by the Opel Zafira and the Astra.

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