Newspaper: bmw supplies diesel engines to toyota

According to a newspaper report, the two carmakers BMW and Toyota plan a comprehensive motor cooperation. Accordingly, BMW is to supply the Japanese diesel engines, vice versa, the hybrid pioneer Toyota will provide Municher to the technology for coupling internal combustion and electric motors, writes the Suddeutsche Zeitung with reference from negotiating circuits.

A BMW speaker did not want to comment on the media report. According to SZ Should be announced in the middle of the week in Tokyo details for cooperation. With the step wool Toyota the position in Europe – the main market for diesel technology for passenger cars – strong, without even expensive investments engage. BMW has already agreed with a collaboration with hybrid drives with the engine partner PSA Peugeot Citroen. The projects are only on. The Alliance between BMW and the French remain "unworkable" from the art cooperation with Toyota, reports the newspaper from industrial circles.

BMW boss Norbert Reithofer has made the supply of third parties with engines part of the corporate strategy. The previous arrangements are kept sluggish. Because of the possible bankruptcy of Saab is the delivery of the Swedish carmaker to question. To the US niche manufacturer Tesla should go comparatively small stucco numbers. The US police car manufacturer Carbon Motors wants more than 240, according to 2010.Obtain 000 diesel engines, but still has problems to put the car at all on the raders. For the past few months, Toyota has been burdened by mass relief and the natural disasters, but still belong to the car evaders for the world’s top trio.

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