New eve app with improved camera interface

New EVE app with improved camera interface

EVE Systems has given its free EVE-FUR homeKIT application for iOS and iPados a coarse update. The new version 4.5 Kummert stalks to support monitoring cameras that are compatible with Apple’s Smart Home standard – not least, because with the EVE CAM now a separate homekit-secure video camera of the German-American manufacturer itself has come to the market.

All cameras in view

Kunftig can be found in view all homekit-blanced cameras, which are associated with your own homekeeping installation: there is a common live frame view called "My cameras" In Eve 4.5. This can also be activated via Siri voice command. The camera images to be seen can be gross zooming, and a direct access to scenes as well as the control of other homekit-blanct advances in space is possible. All this is elegant solved than in Apple’s home app itself – where you still have to go in to look at records, a corresponding API for access by third-apps seems to be missing.

Eve Cam to the ceiling

Eve for HomeKit otherwise also allows a configuration of the EVE CAM. So you can set whether the picture "normal" or "vice versa" The latter is necessary if you might attach the camera to the ceiling. "Since Eve Cam has a magnetic stability, there are all new opportunities to perfectly place the camera", so the manufacturer. The feature was with the new firmware 1.0.3 introduced that you can download now for the EVE CAM. Pro stucco the camera costs 150 euros, but it is also in the double pack.

Apple subscription is duty for records

To use HOMEKIT Secure Video, the customer must have completed a subscription for more iCloud storage space when video should be stored. There are at a camera at least 3 euros per month for the 200 GB package. Whoever liked to use up to five cameras, requires the 2 TByte iCloud package – it costs 10 euros a month. Recorded clips are available for ten days. Homekit-Secure video recordings are not incurred on the existing storage space.

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